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2. Peppermint Schnapps

1. You Are What You Wish

Peppermint Schnapps

on 2022-05-20 09:15:25
Episode last modified by Thisisnota Realname on 2022-05-20 09:17:40

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To try to get his mind off of things, Jon put on the TV when he got home. Nothing was on, and for whatever reason he thought back on an episode of South Park he had seen in which the whole town was re-enacting the Civil War but this time, fueled by altered thinking from drinking peppermint schnapps, decided to have it end with the confederacy winning, and then to march to Washington DC to demand they change the history books.

Jon vaguely knew schnapps was a type of alcohol, and never had any interest in trying it, but honestly after watching that episode, he was mostly left wondering what exactly peppermint schnapps tasted like.

“Well I may be underaged, but I’m not an idiot and I have a pretty good idea from health class the effect of alcohol and how much you need in your system for it to do anything so I’m sure it’s ok if I only drink a fluid ounce or two.” Just to know what it actually tasted like. And now he had an easy way to acquire a small amount without risk, cost or serious consequences. He got out the stone and said, “I wish for a glass, er, a clean plastic cup that is, containing, 2 fluid ounces of peppermint schnapps just like from that South Park episode.”

He picked up the cup and drank the small amount of liquid slowly. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t special, but mostly he didn’t like it because the peppermint flavor just seemed wrong and out of place. But he didn’t have long to think about it, because he had made a critical error. In asking for the peppermint schnapps to be just like from that South Park episode, it was not like ordinary alcohol. In the stone’s interpretation, the liquid from the South Park episode clearly had mind altering properties going far beyond those of ordinary alcohol.

Two hours later, Jon came to, with no memory of what he had done during the missing time. He stll had memories of the wish for the aberrant liquor and drinking it, and quickly rightfully was worried about what he might have done in those two hours with access to the wishing rock. Of course the obvious thing would be to wish for either a written transcript or audio playback of any wishmaking shenanigans he had partaken in for the last 3 hours. He decided on the transcript, and to his horror upon reading that piece of paper that had materialized, found his concerns were justified. After the peppermint schnapps wish was one and only one additional wish:

“I wish Karyn and I would be…”

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