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2. Jon's strange and sexy dream m

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's strange and sexy dream machine

on 2008-02-21 07:37:38

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Jon was a bit nervous about how to use the power of the wishing stones. He also had some pretty wild ideas he wanted to try out. However, he didn't want to hurt anybody or get into any trouble. He thought about what is the safest thing he could use the wishing stones for.

After some thought he had an idea. Nobody ever gets hurt in dreams, he thought, you can do the impossible and there are no consequences. He got some modeling clay and got to work. Soon he had made a four-sided pyramid about six inches high. The top of the pyramid was separate from the base. On one side of the top he made a mark, an arrow pointing down. On the four sides on the base, he wrote four sets of words. They were, Off, Strange, Sexy, Sexy and Strange. You could position the top so the arrow on it pointed to any one of the four options.

Now that he had made his device, it was time to wish for it to have some power. He held the wishing stone and made his wish. "I wish", he said, "That this pyramid had the power to give a person lucid dreams. If it is placed beside the person's bed, the position of the top of the pyramid decides what sort of dream you will have. The off position does nothing, the strange position gives you strange dreams, the sexy position makes the dreams sexy and the last position makes dreams strange and sexy. The dreams are to be as real as a dream can be and sexy dreams can be the best type of wet dreams". The stone glowed briefly, as did the pyramid as it gained its new powers.

Jon thought the idea was brilliant. Dreams were safe. There would be no consequences apart from a mess in his underpants when he woke up. If it didn't work out, he could always turn it off. Besides, in dreams ANYTHING can happen. It doesn't have to make any sense at all.

That night when Jon went to bed he placed the device of the dresser next to his bed and set it to 'Strange and Sexy'. "I might as well start at the deep end" he thought.

Jon drifted off to sleep wondering what sort of strange and sexy dream he might have.

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