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2. The man

1. You Are What You Wish

The man

on 2022-05-15 20:07:49

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Jon got home that day and contemplated what could and should be done with this rock. It changed everything about the very nature of the universe. Even in his 16 years of life, there had already been many times when he had said to himself “if only I had done this”. He had many regrets. Perhaps this thing could do even the most infeasible things. Perhaps he could resurrect his grandfather for instance. Then again, why did his grandfather even die? It seemed like whoever should be the owner of this rock, would be expected to be immortal. Was his grandfather even really dead. Could Jon wish him back to life? Should he?

“I wish to… know … if my grandfather is really dead.”

Jon waited and received no such knowledge.

“I wish I knew why that didn’t work…” Jon said in frustration, not expecting the second request to be fulfilled since he was suspecting that it simply meant he couldn’t wish for knowledge to be transplanted into his brain. But then he knew. It didn’t work because it contradicted a previous wish. His grandfather had actually wished that anyone asking if he was really dead would get no answer from the stone. But why would he do that? Why would he specifically and preemptively want to prevent someone from being able to wish from the stone for the knowledge of whether he was alive or dead? The most likely and unavoidable answer was that his grandfather probably faked his death after asking the stone not to give out such information. Well, if his grandfather wanted privacy on the matter, Jon would give him just that.

“I wish, to know if there was any other magic in the world besides this stone.”

The answer was a simple yes.

“Is there anything…. or anyone…. more powerful in magic than this stone?”

No answer.

Of course. He couldn’t just ask a question, he had to wish for information. “Ok stone, I wish to know, is there anything…. or anyone…. more powerful in magic than this stone?”

Again, the answer was just yes.

“I wish for the knowledge of, all of it together, how much, space does it fill, what is its physical volume, in cubic meters, of everything more powerful in magic than the stone.”

The answer was 0.08 cubic meters.

“I hope I don’t regret this. I wish for it to be teleported right here into my room.”

And nothing happened.

“Why didn’t… I wish I knew why that didn’t work.”

The answer was that it was more powerful than the stone and couldn’t be moved by the stone. “Of course,” Jon sighed.

“That was probably a bad idea anyway. Ok, how about this then. I wish, for the next 60 seconds, for a holographic image to float right here in midair, of it.”

And to Jon’s surprise, there in his room, appeared the ghostly shimmering image of a man in casual and modern attire. Though the image wavered, the subject was still, as if a photograph. He stood in mid stride, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He was caucasian, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, and absolutely ordinary in every way, in appearance at least. He was also no one Jon recognized. He was just, some guy. He had no glowing halo, he didn’t look like the depictions Jon had seen of Jesus or Buddha or much of a Zeus or anything that struck Jon as godlike or superhuman or magical in any way. He was just, some guy.

“Who are you,” Jon said, his face up to the holographic face of the man.

“I wish to know, is this man on Earth.”

He was.

“I wish to know, where is he.”

He was in a mental hospital in Mississippi. The most magical thing in the universe, was some man in a mental hospital somewhere in Mississippi. Jon stared at the holographic image for a few more seconds, before it disappeared, since the minute was up.

Jon gripped the stone hard in his right hand and said “I wish, to be teleported to just outside that mental hospital.” A few seconds later, Jon disappeared from within his room, and reappeared outside of a depressing dirty looking run-down building in a rural Mississippi town. He walked toward the entrance of the building.

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