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2. Summer Vacation pt.1

1. You Are What You Wish

Summer Vacation pt.1

on 2008-02-17 19:14:47
Episode last modified by Brayn on 2018-02-13 21:58:03

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(I'm using a different version of Zoe and Mikey that I created for a different plot)
as time passed Jon and Karyn only made a half dozen wishes on the stone including restoring Karyn to her original self.

A few months had passed and now Jon and Karyn where walking home from the last day of school.

"Jon you shore this is a good idea I mean we haven't tried to do anything on this scale it could be dangerous" Karyn said

"Karyn are you joking it was your idea" Jon said

"I know. I Know but still this is big"

"OK I'll put a time limit on it"

They got to Jon's house and walked in since the twins Zoe and Mikey didn't get out of middle school for another hr and his parents where picking up his older brother Matt and sister Becky from the air port they had the house to them selves.

They ran up to Jon's room and locked the door just to be safe, then Jon got the stone out of it's hiding place.

"Hear we go Jonny-boy" Karyn said a little nervous

"OK I wish that for the length of our summer vacation

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