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2. Super Bowl Party

1. You Are What You Wish

Super Bowl Party

on 2008-02-04 02:18:35

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When Jon got home, he found his mom vacuuming. "Jon," she said, "put your stuff away and then help me get the house cleaned up. We're having company on Sunday, remember?"

Jon groaned as he walked upstairs. It was a family tradition to send out a massive invitation to practically everybody they knew and throw a party every Super Bowl Sunday. Jon hated it; he would much rather get a few good friends together, watch the game and enjoy himself rather than have to talk to all of his parents friends. However, now he had the rock. Jon thought for a moment, then grinned. "Finally," he said out loud, "We can throw a Super Bowl party MY way." Grabbing the stone, Jon began with party preparation. "I wish that even though Mom and Dad plan on hosting a large party like usual, they will only prepare enough food and drink for half a dozen or so. I wish that nobody will think this is odd. Second, I wish that nobody will come to our party unless I want them to." With that taken care of, Jon began to think about who he wanted to come. Karyn was an obvious pick, and Jon quickly added the rest of the group that Karyn and he hung out with; Pete, Tim, and Vickie. As Jon debated whether or not to invite anybody else, he silently wished that his family didn't have to be there, so it could be a friends only night. Then Jon got an idea. Jon grinned and said, "This will be the best Super Bowl ever!"

The day of the Super Bowl came quickly, and Jon went to his room about an hour before game time. "Honey, our guests could start arriving soon," Jon's mom reminded him.

"I know," Jon replied, "I just need to do something real quick and then I'll be down!" Jon got the rock out from its hiding place. He had thought about this since he had the idea on Friday and was pretty sure he knew how to work it. Just in case, he had written his plan down and he began to read. "First," Jon said, "I wish that Karyn, Pete, Tim, and Vickie and I had discussed a plan on Friday how to watch the Super Bowl together. I wish that they all believe that we came up with the plan I wrote down together. I wish that Pete, Tim, and Vickie didn't know how the plan was possible but believed I could do it and didn't care how. I wish that Karyn, Pete, Tim, and Vickie would all go to their rooms now and lay down for a nap. I wish that nobody would think it strange that they are going to bed, and that nobody would try to wake them until it is time to get ready for school in the morning. I wish that once they are ready for bed and in their beds, they will quickly fall asleep and that their bodies will not wake until it is time to get ready for school tomorrow. I wish that regardless of how long Karyn, Pete, Tim, and Vickie stay awake tonight at my house, they will receive the benefit that the body earned from the sleep and not be tired. I wish that when all of them were asleep, I would know it."

Jon breathed in; that had been a lot of wishes and he wasn't done yet. However, he couldn't do anything until they were all asleep. While he was waiting, Jon had another idea. Tim and Vickie had been going steady for several months and Pete was known for being a horny guy who went from girl to girl almost overnight. Karyn, however had never dated; nor had Jon. After wrestling with himself, Jon made a decision. "I wish that Karyn believed that she and I had decided to date. I wish that this decision had made her very happy, as she had always wanted to date and eventually marry me. I wish that these feelings would not change until I want them to. Finally, I wish that she wanted to fool around as soon as possible, and that she was planning on doing something tonight; though she hadn't decided how far to go yet." Jon smiled, this would be a good wish for quite a while; not just tonight. Fifteen minutes later, Jon knew that they were asleep. Excited, Jon didn't even bother looking at the paper, as he had been looking forward to this for some time. "I wish that Mom, Dad, Zoe, and Mikey would sit or lay down wherever they are and go to sleep. I wish that their bodies would wake up as soon as I leave this room. I wish that Karyn, Pete, Tim, and Vickie would swap bodies with Mom, Dad, Zoe, and Mikey. I wish that they would stay swapped until I say the word "fiddlesticks"."

The stone flashed, and Jon practically skipped out of the room. This was going to be the best party ever!

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