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2. you should have a decent acces

1. The Forum

you should have a decent accessible wiki

on 2022-05-11 08:32:27

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So I think this site should publicize and make easy to find any wikis about it as well as all website addresses it has had in its history. The only wiki I was able to find was just one archive from August 2, 2012 of a wiki that shortly soon after didn’t exist at
for instance, and after much digging was able to find that the site address of fixtion branches started at which was active from 2000 until 2012 though it continued to exist for years after that but became the active location until 2017 when it was changed to as it currently stands in 2022. But I think this is good information to have, for one thing until I uncovered this I couldn’t search the internet wayback machine for how it looked in the past since all I had to work with was and its true history is therefore obscured, as well as important information about it. For instance I didn’t know at first what the “link” field was and it is not on your FAQ page but now I know it is a 2nd title page, the title as seen from the previous page as opposed to the title field being the title as displayed on the same page, if for some reason you want them to be any different.

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