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2. something strong and fast

1. The Future of Gaming

Arr... she was a fine vessel...

on 2005-01-14 17:30:30

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The first selection i looked through after stating my name and gender was the race selection

i asked for a list of every available race in the game and a list appeared with the first selection starting at about eyelevel. The last selection... was somewhere out of sigh a mile below me.

"Whoa." I said outloud.

Are you sure about race selection:whoa? was the text that appeared out of thin air.

"NO!" I said hastilly and the selection cleared. I tried to figure out what i wanted in my avatar. My primary reason for playing this game was to be with suzie but i may as well make something that could bash a few skulls too should i want to go monster hunting.

I wanted something strong and fast, that much i knew for sure. Aaaand mabye something a little unnusual too. I wanted to see what this neural interceptor was made of after all. So, something strong fast and unnusual... AH! got it!

"centaur and yes im sure." I said as the inquiring text was beginning to appear. The wire frame model changed significantly, remaking the basic frame into that of a classic greek centaur. I frowned when i thought of that word. Classic. I could bet that a normal centaur wouldnt be that unusual a choice considering the sheer number of other options. I still wanted something centaur esque though.

"Is there a list of subraces for centaurs?" I asked and a much smaller list than the original main list appeared. My eyes darted down it fairly quickly and stopped on one i thought a bit unnusual.

"Deertaur?" I said outloud. The wire frame changed again, becoming significantly less bulky than the normal centaur as the equine half changed into that of a cervid. That wasnt all that changed though, the avatar was also sporting a pair of antlers now.

"Dude... thats perfect." I said. Having decided on a race all that was left was the advanced apperance. I decided to have fur over the upper human human half of my avatars body as well and modifying the head to resemble a deers more than a human one.

Finnaly satisfied with my avatar and feeling a little curious as to how it might feel to be a quadraped i moved onto the the last half of the character selection.

For class i decided on a basic archer with some customized abilities including axe and sword play. Feeling curious again as to how the game handled skills i wondered how it would handle a bard class and made my avatar a multiclass archer(custom), bard.

I skipped over the next two options in favour of putting them in later, eager to just get into the game and meet up with suzie. For items i just asked for bow and quiver figuring that i propably didnt really need clothing that badly with the fur.

Are you ready? came the text as i finnalized my avatar. It almost seemed like a challenge somehow.

"youre damn right i.." I started to say until the world began blurring into a swirl of colors. Eventually the world settled into normal looking shades of grey and white.

"Please step off of the platform sir."i heard someone in front of me say. He looked scotty off of the original series startrek but had a geordi esque visor too. I looked around and realized i was standing on a raised kind of platform that apart from the console that the scotty/geordi person was standing in front of.

I stepped forward quickly, i looked around wondering where i was in epic city before i realized i had just moved four legs to get off that platform and didnt even realize i had been doing it. I looked back over myself and saw the backside of the avatar i had selected. I thought about raising one of my legs and my left rear leg picked itself off of the ground just as if it was my own. Scratch that it felt like it WAS my own leg.

"All you quads do that first time you get in here." the guy at the console said with a chuckle as he started pressing some buttons on the console.

"uh, where am i exactly?" I asked, finding this place to be a bit mroe techish than i had expected.

"Your in the east spawn room of the U.E.S.S Dreadknought. She's a crashed starship that occupys a small section of epic city, we had to spawn you here instead of at the normal newb clinic in the heart of the city because weve been getting a lot of new first timers coming on today and they couldnt handle all the load over there. Just go out that door and keep heading right to get out into the main city. If you get lost just ask the computer for directions." the newb technician said politley. I heard a shimmering behind me and twisted the upper half of my body to look back at the platform, it felt... not weird, but.. not normal to be able to face back while my body was still facing forward. i couldnt figure out a word for it and tried to put the wierdness factor out of my mind, once i did that i found i was actually starting to enjoy myself.

the person who came into existance on the platform was essentially the female version of devil may cry's dante, complete with long white hair, giant sword, red trenchcoat and dual sidearms.

"Whoa." She said.

"No kidding." I said with a grin on my muzzle. I decided to step out and follow the techies directions out. I had a feeling that i was really going to enjoy this game if something like just walking was this interesting.

"Now to find suzie."

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