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2. Deviled Dog

1. The Future of Gaming

I should have just kept my big mouth shut!

on 2004-06-30 14:15:00

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I killd myself trying to rush into the game, to touch, to feel, to spend time with Suzie but first i had to generate a character, I didn't want to make any regrets, but i would regret what i did in minutes. Hundreds of options and yet several were greyed out in char gen struck me as odd but thing like werewolf were moot, i made my little human self, my no so much a avatar, and took the warrior class. I appeared in a loo kand garb that unsuprisingly seem to flood the Training Room. My head darted about and i saw the white light. I would regret taking the tutorial mission i would regret a lot of things as i dashed into Epic City. But before i could get far following Suz location light on the horizon after adding her to my friends list i ran afoul of a Devil, a strange spider-man sensation filled me as the powerful looking demon ran past me, A pair of sages in hot persuit.

sage 1: Hey you Warrior stop that Devil!
"Who me?"
Sage 1 and 2: Yes...
"Got ya!"

Deftly i drew my sword, and used it to trip the devil he wasnt hurt but it gave the sages the time they needed...

Then his eyes flased angerily

Devil: You and you buddies will pay for this you Bitch!

Reality seem to melt around me and suz blip smmed to flicker for a moment, but as i "reset" i was shocked to discover....

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