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2. Good/Finnished/Non-pervy Story

1. The Forum

Good/Finished/Non-pervy Story

on 2014-07-14 22:53:04

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So I'm thinking of adding a new story at the base of the YAWYW and I'm going to try and make this one different. I'm going to try and

  1. Write it well
  2. Finish it
  3. Not make it pervy
    (In one section Karyn gets naked for a body re-shaping thing but only Jon is there and he has all his testosterone drained, nothing happens except body re-shaping and it's not as descriptive as some)

The only problem (and the only reason that I don't just add it) is that it is too long. I haven't finished writing it yet but as of the 14 July 2014 I have already finished 2 out of a possible 4 parts. (I'm planning an epilogue as well) The first part is 1,198 words and the second is 918 words. Personally, I wouldn't like to read a branch that was 1,000 words long but I wouldn't mind reading 10-20 100 word branches.

I'd also appreciate feedback. The plot line is malleable at the moment even though I have planned it all already. If you have better ideas, feel free to let me know. Also if you feel that dialogue or some characters actions are unrealistic please let me know.

(What I think will be) FAQs

Jon's mother appears twice in the morning
Yes I know that I'm going to use that later on. As far as we know Jon's parents are not lesbians, however within this story line they could be divorced. Jon's still living comfortably because his mother is a doctor and doctors are hella rich.

No one likes a finished story. At least not here on FB
One of my favorite stories is a trait swapped story which you can find here. besides the fact that Sarah became Jon's friend I also loved the fact that it ended happily. People did add to it on other branches and that is exactly the reason that I want to split this story up.

This story is so unrealistic. I've tried to lines on women before and nothing
The sexual interactions in this story are based of a certain dating system which you can find here. In case it gets taken down I'm going to put it on the next branch but the main idea is that all women are different. some will react to some lines well while others will slap you in the face.

Don't post stories in the Forum
I've already uploaded it. If only there were a delete button. Anyway this is just for proofing and splitting. Think of it as beta.

Aren't you afraid that your additions to the stories will be boring?
Just stick around for parts 3&4. It's going to get WAY better.

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