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2. Mikey's Turn

1. You Are What You Wish

Not Lost, But Found

on 2007-12-13 07:16:48

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While Jon's classes started at 9 on Tuesday mornings this year, his little brother Mikey got up, as always, at 7. His new teacher, Ms. Grant, said today was going to be their first Show and Tell day! Mikey always found something interesting, but not this year.

He was searching through the house now to find something, though for the first time, he wasn't sure what. His mom and dad's room had nothing, at least nothing he could find before they woke up. There was nothing in any of the family or dining rooms. His sister Zoe's room was too scary to go into; he was pretty sure she didn't know any weird dark magic like she always said she did, but who knew! It gave him the creeps!

Mikey headed into Jon's room, looking around without fear of being caught. Jon was always nice to him, and he wouldn't mind if he explained what was going on, right? Nothing caught his eye, until - a shiny treasure box! A fancy box sat up on Jon's dresser, obviously holding something important in it! He grabbed the box from the dresser, opening it up as one would expect someone to open a box of priceless treasure.

Inside was... a rock. A shiny rock, to be sure, but just a rock. He sighed and took it out of the box anyway, pocketing it and shivering a little at the cold rock touching his bare skin through a small hole in his pocket. Replacing the box upon Jon's dresser, he ran out of the room, arriving at school just in time for class at 8.

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