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2. Jon's Dad Steals the Stone

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's Dad Steals the Stone

on 2007-12-03 05:05:05

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Jon and Karyn had no way of knowing that Jon's father, Earl, had his thoughts focused on Jon's inheritance at that moment.

Earl's father was the grandfather who had left the stone to Jon, and Earl was resentful to say the least. Earl had never gotten along with his father; he had been a 60's radical, and that didn't sit well with the old man.

So, when he the lawyer informed him that Jon was the only member of the family receiving an inheritance, Earl wasn't surprised, but jealous and curious.

After Jon fell asleep that night, Earl stealthily padded into Jon's room. He had been careful not to wake up his wife and Jon's mother, Linda. She had made it a habit to go right to sleep for the last several years, with no affection, and especially no love-making. Earl was very resentful of her too, as she had denied her husband sex for the past year because of a major falling out they had had the year before.

Linda was 42 years old and on the plump side, with shoulder length brown hair, but a well defined and appealing figure. She was padded in all the right places.

Earl was a year older than Linda, and had grayed and grown a spare tire himself over the past few years. Despite his resentment, he still loved and lusted after his wife.

After Earl entered Jon's room, he went to where he knew Jon kept most of his valuables, a chest of drawers situated in his closet. He carefully opened the bottom drawer and found a small box with a note and a rock.

He quietly lifted the box and took it to his study.

After reading the note, he could scarcely believe it to be true.

"If it is true, I sure could have a whole lot of fun," he thought.

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