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2. A wish to help people understa

1. You Are What You Wish

A wish to help people understand.

on 2007-10-27 04:03:57

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As John walked home he passes a couple arguing about which sex has it easer in like. That go John thinking about how maybe the biggest problem that a lot of couple have is they do not understand each other. This caused him to come up with an idea. Because he knows though that he could not reverse a wish he decides he would put a time limit of 60 days on it to test it out. That night before going to bed he made the first of 2 wishes.

John said "I wish that me and Karyn would remembers both the old and new realities from any wish that is made on the wishing stone unless it is stated in the wish otherwise."

Now John was a little scare about this next wish but deiced he was going to push though. "I wish for the next 60 days that each day people would trade sexes with there soul mate for 24 hours. If one of the partners is pregnant that the baby and all other effect of the pregnancy would which also causing no problem for the baby but the female that got pregnant will always be the one to give birth. Because of this effect people find out how there soul mate is at a very early age."

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