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2. Wake Up Call

1. You Are What You Wish

Wake Up Call

on 2007-10-24 20:45:24

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The sun rose on the next morning, and Jon was sleeping uneasy. A mixture of excitement and fear of the wishing stone invaded his dreams. His latest dream had him racked with gilt over the accidental wishes that lead to Karyn's now permanent hair and endowments.

In the dream she was yelling and cursing him. Threatening him with unspeakable wishes. It was a great shock from him when we woke from the dream to find Karyn leaning over him with an excited smile. Jon was reasonably startled and let out a short yell. Jon went to back away from Karyn and promptly accidentally scooted him self off the edge of the bed with a tumble and a great thud.

On the other side of a thin poorly constructed wall slept Jon's younger, gothic, sister, Zoe. Well, she was sleeping until Jon yelled and fell out of her own bed. Zoe, being a notoriously light sleeper, was wide awake once hearing the thud. She turned her head to see the time and cursed at Jack Skellington's hands telling her it was 5:30 in the morning. She knew that once she was awake, she was going to stay remain that way.

Zoe tossed off her back blankets and crossed her dark room that looked like a show room for Hot Topic. Her ventured across the hall tot he bathroom to get a shower. Figured if she's up, she might as well get ready.

Back in Jon's room he stumbled backing away from Karyn in fear and get back up to his feet. Jon only slept in his boxers and grabbed some of the blankets off his bed, as he moved away to cover up any embarrassing cases of morning wood.

"Karyn, I'm so sorry about the wishes." Jon said with his voice nearly cracking in fear, "Please don't kill me."

Karyn's face looked worried for a moment, then she started to laugh. "I'm not here to hurt you, Jon," She smiled again, "I was kinda thinking we could maybe make a couple wishes before school starts have a bit of fun?"

"Oh, is that all," Jon calmed down a bit and took a big breath. "How did you get in my house?"

"I still have the key your parents gave me last year so I could take care of the dog while you were on vacation." Karyn replied, "Sorry, didn't mean to spook you."

"You did, a bit," Jon said, still on edge a little, "Not mad about the know...and hair?"

Karyn sat down on Jon's bed as she groped her own breasts. "I may have been a little, but I got to sleep on it, and well. I'll manage. It's not that big of a deal. Ok they are big. But And my closet has already made the adjustment."

"I was kinda thinking of messing with Zoe." Karyn continued while absentmindedly playing with her new blonde hair. "I know you two always have a feud going on. You flushed the toilet when she's in the shower. She shaved off your eye brows. You super glued her fingers together. She hacked your MySpace page and told everyone your gay."

"Ok, got a good point there" Jon's face took a bit more mischievous look. Jon took the stone out of the hiding space of his sock drawer and held it tight.

"I wish...."

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