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2. Corruption

1. You Are What You Wish

The DeathNote plot

on 2007-10-21 08:07:02

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They say absolute power can corrupt absolutely (That's why this time we'll treat Jon like an Anti-hero with this plot based off DeathNote)

It was 1:30 am Jon couldn't sleep he kept thinking about the stone. There was so much he could do with it.

"I can make the world a better place" Jon said to him self
"This has to be my Destiny"
"That's it. It's my duty starting tomorrow I shall remake the world"
"But I must do it slowly to make shore I do it right one wrong wish and it's game over"
"A tool, A device separate from the stone"
"I can wish it up a Death-Note like in that Manga Karyn got me hooked on"
"Karyn, could she be the Misa to my Light"
"How do I really feel about Karyn?"
"What is she to me?"
"A friend! No. More"
"I..I..I love her"
"I will do it"
"I will re-make the world"
"I will be the God, the King of this new world"
"And Karyn will be my Queen"

It was 4:00 am and dawn was fast approaching. Jon took the rock from his nightstand and left his room. He went down the hall past the stairs and onto the balcony.

The sun was just rising and Jon raised his left hand, which contained the stone and said in a voice full of a dark confidencen"I wish I had a deathnote which works like it does in the Manga"

The Notebook materialized in his right hand

Then Jon let out a maniacal laugh that echoed thru eternity

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