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2. Different people

1. You Are What You Wish

Different people

on 2007-10-02 03:28:29

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The next morning, Jon met up with Karyn before school

"Did you bring the Stone" she asked

"of course i did" jon replied "but i had the strangest dream, like every singly outcome of us using the stone it was so vivid i can remember so many possibilities it seems like no matter what we use the stone for it's already been done"

"it's weird but i think i might have had the same dream."

"woah really maybe it's a sign or something, you know what i'm going to believe that it was a sign, I wish That Me and Karyn would become to totally random best friends, I wish that neither of us will have memory of being Jon or Karyn and I wish that I recieved the wishing stone the exact same way this morning"

(jon and Karyn have been done to death, figured someone might be able to branch off this)

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