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2. Another Wish Interrupted

1. You Are What You Wish

Another Wish Interrupted

on 2022-03-28 22:18:07

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The next day Jon woke up and got dressed and Karyn stopped down to visit him.

Jon smiled, maybe this is the day he'd start pushing his and karyn's relationship to the more sexual.

"I almost forgot, lets get the stone", jon said.

Karyn smiled and followed Jon up to his room.

Jon closes the door and held the stone, in one hand and started massaging karyn's shoulders with the other hand.

"are... are you sure we should be doing this?" Karyn asked. "after all your parents are home still and..."

Jon smiled at her. "of course, after all I... I... I find you attractive. I... I think I love you."

He slid his hand into Karyn's pants and started fingering her.

"but... but what if I am not ready, this... this is awfully soon." Karyn protested. Jon just started rubbing more intensely and she moaned in pleasure and slid her hand into Jon's pants and grasped his hard member. Jon thought that he could always improve karyn's body, wish she had bigger breasts, or make her more aroused and want to make love to him.

"I wish Karyn was sexualy attracted to me and I was..." Jon started to wish. But little did he know before he finished he'd be interrupted.

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