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2. Spellbook

1. You Are What You Wish


avatar on 2007-09-28 05:24:53

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Later that night, Jon lay awake trying to figure out how to solve Karyn's problem and make the stone safe to use.

Some time before midnight, he began to wonder if it wouldn't have been better not to have the stone. He also didn't feel very safe. He trusted Karyn, but wondered if it wouldn't have been smarter to keep the whole thing to himself.

Suddenly, Jon sat up and reached beside the bed to his stone. He had a brilliant idea!

Jon thought it over, and finally figured out how to fix everything.

"I wish that while Karyn was out with her family, she found a one-of-a-kind spellbook, in which the spells work as expected. I wish that her blonde hair and bigger boobs were a result of an experiment that proved that it worked, and that the spell would wear off now. I wish that I hadn't told Karyn about the stone yet, and that she would wait to tell me about the spellbook until tomorrow."

That should do it. The spellbook should be safer to use than the stone, but he still had the stone as backup. Karyn no longer knew about the stone, so he could keep that secret until absolutely necessary. I also wouldn't be missing any information, as I ensured that Karyn hadn't told me about the book yet. And, her physical changes were now temporary.

Jon, satisfied, put his stone back in the box and stowed it safely away. He went back to bed, looking forward to playing with magic with Karyn.

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