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2. The Magic Act at the Talent Sh

1. You Are What You Wish

The Magic Act at the Talent Show

on 2007-09-19 14:46:24

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The next day, Jon opened up the front door and was greeted by Karen and their friends Max, Tanya, and Wendy.

"Hey, guys. What's up?" asked Jon.

Max was an awkward, wafer-thin blonde guy about 5'11" and was an aspiring magician. With a slight of hand, he pulled out a flier from nowhere.

"This is a flier advertising the talent show that's going to be held on the school grounds" concluded Jon. "Did you need help like me being a stagehand or something?"

The dark-skinned Tanya put her hands together. "Karen told us of the neat things you can do with that stone of yours. We really need your help!"

"KAREN!" screamed Jon. He shot a dirty look at Karen. "This was a secret! It's not for everyone's amusement!"

Karen replied "First of all we're all friends. We've known each other since elementary school "“ We help each other. Second, I think it'll be a good chance for you to test out your little stone there."

Wendy pleaded "You've seen our act. We need help - Badly. Please, give us a hand."

Max added in "First place is $1500 cash and this could lead to something bigger! They'll be some talent scouts in the audience and if they like what they see, they may offer us a career! Dude, my dream is to be a great magician and entertain. What do you say, buddy? I'll give you equal billing "“ Like Sigfried & Roy, Like Penn & Teller "

"Like Laurel & Hardy" thought Jon to himself

With great reluctance, Jon agreed. With only 3 days until the talent show they rehearsed the show so many times, that they all could perform the act in their sleep.

Karen helped Tanya and Wendy design the costumes they'd wear throughout the performance as Max's assistants, and Jon conjured them up using the stone.

Jon helped Max also materialize props and gimmicks for the act as well as some minor special effects that would be seen as well.

The night before the talent show Jon lay awake in bed and thought of other ways to enhance the performance. An evil grin shot across his face as he came up with several ideas. Not only would the audience be surprised, but also Max, Tanya, and Wendy

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