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2. Possession Gone Wrong

1. You Are What You Wish

Possession Gone Wrong

avatar on 2007-08-29 19:32:03

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Jon looked down at the small stone in the palm of his hand. It was so complicated, yet so simple. He could wish for anything and all he had to do was say the words I WISH and what he wanted and it would come true.

One of things Jon always fantasized about was taking over other people's bodies, making them do things that they wouldn't normally do. There were a bunch of people from school that he wouldn't mind embarrassing. Like making one of the jocks dress like a girl. Now, with the wishing stone, that fantasy could come true.

Smiling, Jon said "I wish that I could possess anyone's body that I wanted and that when I leave their body, their memories during my possession of them would be altered so they justifiably fit what happened when I possessed them." (He didn't want them to know that he possessed them.) Jon took a deep breath. That was quite a mouthful.

Jon thought about who to test his new "ability" on and decided on Sarah McMillan. She definitely deserved embarrassment.

He concentrated: Sarah McMillan, Sarah McMillan, Sarah McMillan.

Suddenly, he was somewhere else. He looked around. It was a teenage girl's bedroom. He walked to a mirror and looked at himself. Then he smiled. Or rather, Sarah smiled.

Sarah looked herself over. She was standing in just her lingerie, which made her look incredibly sexy. As she moved her hands all over her body, she wondered what kind of embarrassment she should begin with.

Suddenly, her bedroom door opened and a woman walked in. (Jon was only possessing her body, so he didn't have access to Sarah's mind.) She didn't recoginize her, but assumed that it was her mother.

"Oh, sorry, I thought you were dressed. I'll ..." Then she paused, as a strange look came over her face. "Oh no. I'm in Sarah's mom's body," she said in a whisper.

Sarah looked at her, clearly confused. "What? That can't be. I'm still in Sarah's body."

Sarah's mother came in and closed the door. "I think there's something wrong. I must have messed up the wish."

"So, you really are me?" Sarah asked.

Sarah's mother sat on the bed. "Yeah."

Sarah sat down next to her mother. "I was only supposed to possess one person at a time." She paused and concentrated. "I just tried to get out of this body, but it looks like I'm stuck."

Her mother turned to her. "I just tried that myself. It looks like we're both stuck." She looked down at herself and then smiled. She took off her shirt, then looked down at her large firm breasts, which were held in her sexy bra.

"What are you doing?" Sarah asked.

"Hey, if I'm gonna stay in this body, I'm gonna at least enjoy it." She pulled off her bra and began massaging her chest.

At first Sarah seemed put off, but as she watched her mother massaging herself, she became aroused. (Remember that Jon was in possession of both Sarah and her mother.) She reached over and squeezed her mother's left breast and her mother moaned in pleasure.

"Why don't you go topless too?" she asked Sarah, who complied shortly after. Off went her bra and they began to massage each other's chests.

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