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2. Voice Command

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's in command

on 2007-08-02 09:59:55
Episode last modified by Kanati on 2018-08-26 17:09:23

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Jon held the stone in his hand. He knew any wish he made he couldn't change back so he had to be smart about what he wished for. He was in him room thinking when he heard his mother say "Jon time for dinner." It was brocoli and liver again. "uugh" Jon Grunted. "Why can't you make Pizza or something?" He asked his mom. "Because it's not in the bugdet." She replied. After dinner Jon's Mom told him to do dishes. "But Mom I did it 3 nights in a row it's Zoe's turn" "No buts Mister, do it now" He marched into the kicthen

Then suddenly Jon had the perfect idea. Grabbing the stone from his pocket he made a wish, "I wish that Everyone and Everything had to do what I say no matter what and they hought it was normal." The stone flashed. "Hmmmm lets test it out. ZOE DO DISHES!" Zoe walked into the room and started scrubbing. "This is gonna be Fun!" Jon said to himself.

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