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2. Pregnant With No Memory of Las

1. You Are What You Wish

Pregnant With No Memory of Last Night...

on 2022-03-18 05:02:59

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I yawned softly, the morning light near blinding against my eyelids, as I started to wake.

What the hell happened last night? My head was pounding and my mouth felt really dry. Did I get drunk again? My temples began to throb as my eyes fluttered open. Why don't I remember? Please tell me I didn't black out again. A low groan escaped my lips as I tried retracing my steps. I... Why couldn't I remember?

"It's too early for this shit," I whispered, absently reaching for the cigarettes on my nightstand. One long, soothing drag later, I finally opened my eyes fully. I stared at the ceiling a few moments through the smoky haze. Seriously though... Like, why can't I remember last night? I knew I'd gone to school, but everything that happened after was just... gone.

Stomach churning, I shifted into a sitting position on the edge of my twin bed. Yep. Definitely hung over. Vag is kinda sore too. What the fuck DID I do last night? Least I ain't gonna get knocked up again. While I was flicking ashes in the ashtray on my nightstand, my other hand let the blanket fall from my upper body, resting on a belly that was just beginning to show. I sighed. Still don't know what I'm gonna do about you. Certainly can't let mom and dad find out.

I stood up, the blanket falling away from the rest of my naked body, and walked over to the full length mirror adorning my bathroom door. Tying my long, sandy hair up, I stood in profile with my hands on my stomach. This wasn't as bad as it could be. My generous C-cups would still steal most of the attention. I just wouldn't be baring my midriff for a while.

"Shit." No way I'd be able to hide this much longer. I mean it's not like I'm actually fat or anything but... How long would it be before my belly was sticking out past my breasts? I shook my head. When the door burst open I nearly fell on my ass.

"Dammit Zoe!" My younger sister's head of short, black hair peered around the door. What began as a sheepish grin, turned into shock as her dark, green eyes locked onto my stomach.

"Shit Jen! You're really starting to show." After an uneasy silence, she added. "Mom and dad are gonna murder you so hard!"

I could seriously do without the chuckles sis. Zoe was the only one who knew about my pregnancy. I'd seriously needed to tell someone when I found out, and in a moment of sisterly weakness, I'd blabbed all about it to the little emo-goth shit. Fortunately I already had more than enough dirt on her to earn her confidence. At least for now.

"You thought about using that rock grandpa left you? Try and fix your situation?" She had a very serious expression on her black lips to be talking such gibberish.

"As usual," I said after a final drag, "I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about. What I really need is to convince Trevor to pay for an abortion. It's his fucking kid.


"Anyway, I need to get dressed. So scram."

"Whatever." She seemed agitated. I probably should have been more bothered by the surprised expression on her face when I'd had no fucking clue what she was talking about, but I had bigger things to worry about. "Anyway, there's someone waiting for you downstairs."

And she's gone. Our bedrooms were connected to a central bathroom, so she'd likely retreated to her own room, leaving me to wonder who was waiting for me at 6 AM on a school day...

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