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2. Spin the wheel and see the who

1. You Are What You Wish

Spin the wheel and see the whole word turn the same for a week.

on 2007-07-07 03:10:18
Episode last modified by Noy2222 on 2018-05-02 08:44:44

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John and Karyn look at the rock trying to figure out what to do with the rock.

John, "I got it."

Karyn, "Got what???"

John then runs to his closest and pulls out a lot of magazines. and then his mothers room and pulls out magazines from her closest as well and then takes out a old game of Twister and takes out the spinner in the game and puts down the spinner and uses a ball of yarn and cut it up and placing each magazines around the spinner and with each line from the yarn and has each line going from each to each color circle on the spinner.

Karyn, "So what is this a game?"

John, "Well I or you spin the wheel and what ever it lands on everyone in the world will turn into what's in the magazine that the line from the yarn is pointing at."

Karyn, "So if the pointer is pointing at say this Lesbian one we will all become Lesbian or this one from your Mom's closest the Hermaphrodite one or the strong man one we'll all become that?"

John, "Yep. and for a week. And I'll wish that only you and I can remember what the real world use to be like. And it not just adult magazine. I also put some Anime and some others like Transformers comics. Marvel and DC as well. So we'll turn into anyone of these for a week."

Karyn, "Fine."

John pulls up the rock.

John, "Good. I wish whatever magazine or comic the arrow is pointing at after one us spins it the hole world will turn into that for a week and only Karyn and I will remember what the real world use be like."

The rock glows and then stops.

Karyn, "Did it work?"

John, "Let's see."

Then John spins the arrow on the spinner.

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