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2. Jon's Fun

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's Fun

on 2007-06-14 01:06:46

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After leaving Karyn for the afternoon to deal with her new assets, Jon decided to have alittle fun with her.

I wish that over the next week Karyn will start to become more of the stereotypical slut that she hates and that when I say "Lobsters" she will change back to normal.

The stone heated in his hand and a evil grin appeared on his face.

Back at Karyn's house as Karyn walked into her room she started to look at her nails, which she didnt realize are now 1 inch long and deep red, and she smiles that they came out so good.

Later that night after dinner Karyn went back to her room and opened her top drawer in her dresser and pulled out a pack of cigrettes and lit one up by her window so the smoke wouldnt go into her room so she could hide it from her parents. After her smoke and finishing her homework half assed she takes a quick shower and gets into bed wearing only a pair of panties and a large tshirt.

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