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2. Age and Wisdom line

1. The Forum

goal of the age and wisdom line

on 2014-04-19 05:16:14

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Hey all,

Since I forgot to say it in post, my goal for the Age and Wisdom story branch is to diverge from the waaaaaaaay too played out high school setting. I've never quite understood TG's fascination with high schoolers, but I think it's time to see what FB can do with Jon in a non-high school environment and mindset.

Maybe instead of turning into a goth or cheerleader or nerdy girl (because those seem to be the only three social classes in this universe), he'll turn into the super-hipster-bike-riding-thrift-store-shopping girl at 28, or end up switching places with his own kids at age 40, or even reliving his high school days at age 65. It'd be nice to see Jon used in a way other than the idiot high schooler, he can be an idiot at so many other ages! So hopefully this thread does what it's supposed to, have fun!

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