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7. Wrong Conclusions for Jon, Rig

6. Conclusions

5. Itsy Bitsy? Teeny Weeny? Yel

4. Successful test.

3. A small test.

2. The next day after school.

1. You Are What You Wish

Making Jennifer a Reality

on 2022-02-08 20:37:17

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Doing everything in her power to ensure that her emotions didn’t give herself away even as she fought back laughter at how gullible her friend was being Karyn knew that she had to follow through with the intentions of her joke even though it was about to become very real with far-reaching consequences. Looking at the scantily-clad boy that she had known for most of her life and who now was about to become a girl Karyn really didn’t know what drove her to make up this whole thing. Knowing that she didn’t want to lose her best friend to the changes Karyn felt that she had to make it right even as her original Jon became very wrong. Still looking at Jon Karyn finally spoke up,

"You're going to have to leave. If you hear the wish you'll still think you’re a guy who's been changed into a girl, instead of remembering that you are a girl who got turned into a guy."

"You're probably right," said Jon. "If I really am a girl, I want to have my real memories back."

"You will," promised Karyn, with a mischievous smile on her lips that also held a bit of sadness in the expression for what she was about to do because as his best friend she couldn’t deny Jon what he stated that he wanted.

Jon went into his room’s closet, closing the door in the archway as he went in, just as Karyn began her wish. "I wish," she said, "that until I wish otherwise, Jon will become an attractive natural white-blonde haired, blue eyed biological girl named Jennifer Morgan Parker who is the same age as Jon and has his family as Jon was born as Jennifer instead. Jennifer’s hair will be slightly longer then shoulder length, she will have C-cup sized breasts, a petite frame, and she will stand slightly shorter then me in height. The bikini that Jon is wearing will reshape itself to fit snugly on Jennifer’s body. Jennifer will still retain all of her memories of being Jon and her mind will remain unchanged from what it was before the change. Jon’s wardrobe will change to fit that of a girl his age and every garment will fit Jennifer perfectly. Jennifer will own nothing a boy would wear including no pants but instead own everything a bubbly girly-girl would wear including an extensive collection of dresses, skirts, tee-shirts, swimsuits and bikinis, undergarments, as well as flats and high heels.”

Karyn knew that the last two parts of her wish would cause friction for Jennifer as she tried to reconcile her memories of being a boy with who she was in reality but again Karyn couldn’t deny what her best friend asked of her even if Karyn had tricked Jon in the first place, if Jon wanted to be a girl then he was going to be one. Besides Karyn also wanted to experiment with something. The experiment would involve convincing the new Jennifer that she really had always been a girl and that her feeling of uncertainty would fade. Also Karyn would spend every waking moment she could with Jennifer teaching and showing her everything she needed to know about being a girl and maybe Jennifer would come overtime to enjoy herself and what the other side had to offer. Deciding eventually that she indeed had always been a girl.

Karyn didn’t want to keep Jon like this forever and she felt a little bad about how the situation had spiraled out of control but if Karyn’s experiment proved successful maybe she would never have to tell Jon the truth, and maybe she would still have her friendship just in a slightly different dynamic. That dynamic could prove even more fruitful for Karyn considering that Jennifer would still have Jon’s mind and memories for there was something about Karyn that she had never told anyone and couldn’t keep secret for much longer as it was destroying her mentally.

Realizing that she hadn’t put protections in the wish in case Jennifer tried to uncover the truth, before the stone flashed Karyn added:

“I also wish that Jon as Jennifer would be unable to make wishes with the stone or any other device as it will not grant wishes to his changed form and that she will never find out the reason that she can’t make wishes anymore. On discovering this Jennifer will eventually give me possession of the stone and defer all wishes to me and my judgment.”

On the conclusion of the wish without even a moments wait almost as if the wish had overloaded its storage space to the limit the stone flashed outward hard as a bright yellow aura fanned out from its surface blinding Karyn for several seconds and illuminating the room in a beautiful bright yellow sheen that took several seconds to dissipate afterward. As the bright white spots in her vision dissipated Karyn’s jaw nearly dropped completely open as she saw how Jon’s room had changed. Gone were the white walls and hanging rock posters now the room sported a light pink color and posters of the latest female pop-singers, gone were the messy clothes burrow with science fiction franchise figurines on top along with trophies from card game tournaments now replaced with a clean and dainty looking burrow with mystical animal and ballerina figures on top along with hair brushes and a red leather purse. Gone was his messy unmade bed with the worn dark sheets and covers now replaced with pink and purple sheets freshly washed on a bed that was expertly made to perfection. Gone was the paper-covered work desk in front of the window now replaced with an even winder desk perfectly organized and to it’s right side on a smaller desk sat a large stand-up mirror and a multitude of make-up products such as eye-liner, blush, and lipstick. Still amazed at what she was seeing Karyn still managed to mentally note that according to her the change in the interior of the room was an improvement.

Realizing that she had kept the new Jennifer waiting as she surveyed the room Karyn ever the more curious leaped into action.

“Alright Jen you can come out now.”

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