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4. Whew

3. Mistakes Happen

2. Apology to Nobody14 and the mo

1. The Forum


on 2022-02-01 18:07:33

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Thanks for your immediate and civil response, Nobody14. I love your work (e.g., Brooke's Reality Camera at bearchive), so I feel it's particularly disrespectful to overlook what you had established storywise. This wasn't just a matter of getting a name or some detail wrong. Like if I wrote "Gibson" instead of "Madison" ... bad, but not fatal.

When I write episodes, I normally have the entire branch on hand to check things: e.g., whether Jon's original father was in his life or not (I had forgotten I had mentioned Jon's father all the way back in 2008 when I started the Family Swap branch.) However, my recent errors have all involved me being overconfident about my short-term memory of the last couple of episodes - a minor, easily fixed example being me getting Sophie Burger's height wrong. In the future I'll reread episodes before adding to them. I don't want to waste the moderators' time - even though I'm sure nothing I wrote in my revision affected The Guest's child episode, they do have to verify that my changes don't upset it.

I'm happy that you and The Guest are still keeping this branch active after fourteen years! I'm fascinated by nature/nurture issues - by identity - what defines us? - and this branch allows me to explore those topics and to see what you and The Guest (and, I hope, others) have to say about them. How do changes in genetics and upbringing change who we are? Jon just wanted to see interesting "eye candy" and have different girlfriends, but he got way more than he bargained for.

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