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2. Apology to Nobody14 and the mo

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Apology to Nobody14 and the moderators for my Family Swap screw-ups

on 2022-02-01 16:56:04

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I've been writing on this site since 2006, but I don't think I've ever made mistakes as big as those I've made over the past couple of days.

Thanks to Nobody14 for pointing out just one continuity error of mine in the Family Swap branch: Jon Nguyen already knew he had lost his phone. I've been as scatterbrained as Jon lately. Getting too much into my character, LOL. I really shouldn't write an episode half-asleep ...

Unfortunately, I made another error: Nobody14 established that Jon's mother Stephanie Nguyen was getting her keys and going out the door. But I had her cooking dinner!

I've submitted a heavy rewrite of episode 3771925 to fix those issues. Those fixes do not affect The Guest's child episode.

But wait, there's more! The last paragraph of my rewrite begins,

"When Jon went to his room to grab his backpack ..."

which makes no sense because (1) Jon doesn't know where his room is and (2) there was no time for Jon to search for his room, much less put a backpack there. Here's my understanding of the situation:

To fix the issue with my rewrite, I'd like to submit another rewrite with the beginning of the final paragraph changed to:

"When Jon bent down to grab his backpack ..."

My rewrite of 3774964 (which fortunately has no child episodes) begins with that newest version of the paragraph.

I apologize for not following what Nobody14 had established and for all the trouble I've caused the moderators.

I'm glad that Nobody14 flagged me in time before I built on my broken continuity and made the problem even worse.

I'm really grateful for the edit function now.

I had to remove a lot of material that I still think is potentially valid (e.g., the issue of who has the stone now) because it didn't fit the story flow that Nobody14 had established. Jon can't do much with Stephanie urging him to leave the house. I may try to work in some of that cut footage into future episodes.

This is an embarrassing and painful lesson for me. I will do better.

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