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5. Maybe Later

4. Job Search

3. David, the beginner

2. Entering Ether

1. The Future of Gaming

I better think this one over a bit

on 2005-01-15 05:48:26

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I decided, I better get some advice on this from Suzie, plus this would be fun for her to help me out, and it was not like this was the only Job registry in Epic City. I wanted to make sure that I did not make a big mistake so early in the game, so I better be careful.

I thanked the woman at the desk for the advice and told her I would need to think it over a bit before I committed to anything. She told me that was a good idea, but I would need to register for at least one job before I could go out of the city.

I left the store and went to the place that I agreed to meet Suzie

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