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4. An Alternate Life of a Photo

3. Out of control wish

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

An Alternate Life of a Photo

on 2022-01-24 20:40:31
Episode last modified by Taglinemind on 2022-01-24 21:34:49

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A soon as I finished wishing I felt my mouth start moving on its own. My wish working its way out of my throat as I heard myself wishing once again. The one wish to change the way I looked at the world forever...

"I wish" I said "that right after I finish wishing I will have an urge to walk to my computer and search for an absolutely random picture. I wish that the picture that will show up can have any number of people in it. I wish that for one month after I see the picture I will be transported temporarily into the body of a woman in that picture exactly at the time when the picture was taken and take over her life. In the case of multiple people being seen in the photograph Karyn will also be transported into another woman in the picture to assume her life. Only Karyn and I will remember how things were before my wish."

Getting a bit too disturbed at what you are hearing you nonetheless continue the wish as you are unable to help what is being uttered from your own lips.

"I wish that we have to behave almost exactly like the people whose form we have taken, so that effectively we live their lives for an entire month. I wish that I myself retain my original personality from my old life but the personality of the body’s original owner will be constantly trying to reassert itself. The more I give in to that assertiveness and control the more I will slowly become that original woman complete with her own memories and my male self and its memories will be temporarily overwritten. Giving in too much to the body’s original female personality for too long will eventually permanently overwrite my original male personality and memories. When the month is up and it is time to change back and return to our original lives if my personality is more similar to that of the original woman by at least half or more then I will be unable to return to my old life and body until I reassert my old masculine self enough that the female side of me drops below half. After the month Karyn will be transported back to her old body and life regardless of my status. Karyn in her new body will not be effected by the body’s original personality and she would be able to live that life the way she saw fit according to her own.

Even though our personalities will not be initially effected by the changes our ‘body behavior' will be altered immediately to fit in more naturally with the current people that we have become so that even if we didn't want to do something a certain way but that original person would have done it that certain way in question then we'll have to do it just like they would have. We will not die or be injured in that temporary existence and while we are away from our original bodies they will continue living our lives as temporary copies of our personalities just like they would on autopilot. While we are changed for the month the wishing stone will disappear out of existence and not reappear back in my possession until either I have returned to my original body and life or back in Karyn’s possession if she has returned to her original body and life."

As soon as I finished I felt myself walking to my computer and opening the web browser I usually used. I searched for a random picture and this is what I saw...

The next episode should be only a picture of some kind so that people can then invent the context behind it themselves.

Author’s Note: This is a branch based off of the original “A life of a Photo” by “Kalafior” There was no copyright infringement or theft intended in forking their story idea as I tried to change enough in order for both stories not to be identical but stand on their own. I urge all readers and writers to check out the original if the sets of rules and wish parameters in that story better fit your intentions for story continuation.

Edit 1/24/2022: Added Header and bold lettering to the end story instructions.

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