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53. Tiffany is skilled

52. Tiffany won't let Jon say no

51. Tiffany the Girlfriend

50. Stalling Tiffany

49. Tiffany's office

48. In the halls

47. Former stoner

46. Feeling Guilty in Physics

45. Former Julie

44. The Tuesday Option

43. Checking on the changed

42. Jon Isn't Paying Attention

41. Lunch with Samantha

40. Angela Washington

39. Jon Holds Up the Line

38. Karyn's day so far

37. Talk with Tiffany Morse

36. At Least Someone Likes Their J

35. Class with Carly

34. Susan and Linda

Family Swap: Jon Loses Control

on 2022-01-23 22:39:12

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"Look at this big fat cock! You've been holding out on me Jon." Jon's inaction led Tiffany to take control once again. Jon groaned, one hand going to the back of Tiffany's head as she wrapped her lips around his shaft. In seconds her head was bobbing, her tongue swirling around his tip as she did what she did best.

"Holy shit Tiffffannny!" His mind was a blank. He couldn't help it. Jon had done everything he could to resist, but his gamble had failed. It may not have been Principal Tiffany Morse, but for whatever reason Tiffany had gotten her way anyway. Despite all his introspection he was not strong enough to fully resist, and as Tiffany expertly sucked him off he couldn't think of anything else. Jon found himself guiding Tiffany's head, mashing her tits together with his other hand.

He heard a wet pop as Tiffany released him. He should have tried escaping her grasp with the reprive, but his first instinct was to try pushing her head back toward his aching dick.

"I know you're eager, but I know what would be better than a blow job." Tiffany smiled enthusiastically. In moments she had wrapped her impressive breasts around his member, their softness caressing him as she squeezed them together. "We're perfect for each other. Only a long hard cock like yours is big enough for my girls to not smother."

Tiffany gave a dreamy giggle and sigh before returning to sucking Jon off, mashing her jugs together against his throbbing cock.The pressure was too much. Jon felt like he was in heaven, but Tiffany was expertly prolonging things. She read his face, and backed off at the right moments, letting the pleasure grow and the pressure build.

"Fuck Tiffany!" Jon growled, feeling incredible, but begging for release.

"Tell me where you want to let it out baby!" Tiffany released him, a thrilled, loving look on her face. "Anywhere you want baby! My whole body is yours!"

Something in Jon snapped. He wasn't thinking as his hands went to her jeans and nearly ripped them off in one motion. He was lost in pleasure as he spun her around, giving her ass a firm spank that caused her to scream in pleasure. It was as he pulled her panties to the side and lined up his cock, Tiffany positioning herself like a bitch in heat to help, that he heard it.

The doorknob to Principal Morse's office was rattling.

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