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4. Real Karyn Hears Everything of

3. Sarah gets revenge (Model Alte

2. Body Swap

1. You Are What You Wish

Undercover Karyn Hears Runway Reveal

on 2022-01-20 11:26:04
Episode last modified by Taglinemind on 2022-01-20 11:34:14

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Edit 1/20/2022: Fixed Spelling Mistake.

Karyn really wasn’t having a good night. After coming to in Sarah’s body she quickly realized what had happened and that she needed to find Jon and reverse the effects of the magic fortune cookie however way they could. Unfortunately in order to find him Karyn begrudgingly realized that she had to suffer the indignity (in her eyes) of donning a bright orange knee-length short-sleeve summer dress in order to leave the house. The dress’s length was the closest any of Sarah’s outfits came to pants as she didn’t have any only the most girly dresses and outfits you could imagine. Already pissed off at the rude awakening she had experienced and the fact that everyone treated her like her longtime enemy Sarah made this evening one she would rather quickly forget. Putting on the dress wasn’t a problem as she hated Sarah enough to laugh at her body while changing out of the nightie she had woken up in or the ballet flats that followed but what was a bit awkward was everyone calling her “Sarah” and Karyn having to acknowledge this name while also calling the strangers of the house “Mom” and “Dad” in order to keep up appearances. Still a quick shake of the head and a refocusing on her true mission ahead was all it took to ignore the alien feelings while interacting with Sarah’s family as Karyn left Sarah’s house after telling “her Mom” that she was meeting a friend to see a movie just as the last rays of sunlight reached the horizon.

Feeling proud of herself for having avoided multiple people that Karyn knew Sarah was friends with along the way by walking in the woods along the street Karyn reached John’s house and quickly but softly knocked on the door of Jon’s house understating how urgent it was that she find a way to get back to her own body. Jon’s Mother answered the door even before Karyn had finished knocking opening it up with a look of confusion on her face. The look of confusion eventually softened

"Hmm...oh you’re Sarah McMillan aren’t you? Don’t you go to school with my son?”

she asked. Karyn could only mentally shrug at this knowing what she currently looked like. Hoping to have answered Jon’s mother with her usual chirpy demeanor Karyn instead had to go with a more reserved response.

"Oh yes Mam, Me and Jon are currently working on a group project together for science class and I wanted to talk to him about an idea I had, is he home right now?” Taken aback a bit by the news that her son and Sarah McMillan a girl that Jon didn’t speak so fondly of were working together on a school project together Linda Parker didn’t know what could have brought about such an abrupt change in her son’s thinking still she was asked a question and she was obliged to answer it.

“Jon and Karyn are upstairs in his room right now and they said that they don’t want anyone bothering them but I could go see if they would make an exception for you?”

Even before Ms. Parker had finished her sentence Karyn’s eyes stared straight ahead and her eyelids widened at the news she was hearing. An impostor in her body was upstairs with her best friend along a magic stone doing what in gods name with it. She knew that she had to fix the fortune cookie snafu but she couldn’t spook the impostor whoever it was that she was on to her. Quickly regaining her composure Karyn regained eye contact with Ms. Parker and smiled as she declined the offer.

“No thanks Ms. Parker I’ll just talk to him tomorrow.”

Karyn shrugged to Ms. Parker's apologies as the door was closed. Sneaking to the side of the house Karyn elected to do what she had always done in situations where she needed to see her friend without making her presence known to the rest of the Parker family… climb the drain pipe and terrace the short height to Jon’s window. Really it wasn’t that bad of a climb even in the dress and flats and minimal frustration came about which was thankful because frustration leads to noise and noise wasn’t something Karyn could afford. Peaking her head slightly above the window in order to level her eyes above the sill Karyn was shocked into a mouth covering squeak to see her impostor in one of her own outfits and with Jon nowhere in sight holding the stone in her hand and mouthing off a wish that thanks to the window being open a crack Karyn could clearly hear.

“I wish that at the Chinese restaurant an eighteen year-old blond bimbo with long hair and large all-natural breasts called... Mm... Bonnie Higgins would be getting take out before heading to work as a runway and swimsuit model at a major brand, Jon would say something nasty to her and she would reply saying something nasty. I wish the odd Chinese woman who gave me and Karyn fortune cookies would do the same to him and Bonnie and when he gets home he would open the cookie and be stuck as a dumb model... I also wish that Bonnie as Jon would get his intelligence and learn to love being smart and John would be a dumb bimbo. While Jon as Bonnie will obviously hate what he has become in the beginning, whether or not his mind accepts the changes as well will all depend on his attitude. The more he refuses his new life and what he has become his mind will stay the same as it was as a boy in his old life but the more he accepts his new life and the changes in it the more his mind personality, and memories will change to fit in better with the new woman that he is. Jon’s intelligence level will drop to match that of the original Bonnie regardless of his resistance to the changes. With enough acceptance Jon’s mind as Bonnie will change to love modeling, acting and dressing sexy, pursuing romantic relationships, and living life to the fullest as a woman. Also if he fully accepts life as Bonnie Higgins Jon’s memories of life as a girl will ultimately replace his memories of life as a boy." Sarah finished the wish laughing hysterically in the process. Sarah grabbed Karyn’s coat and headed downstairs.

Karyn’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head and her mouth widened even as now both of her hands covered it and her voice threatened to scream. Karyn’s mind screamed instead:

“What the hell is she thinking doing that to Jon!”

Karyn would have thrown caution to the wind and ripped the window open to make a go at the stone but the fact that the impostor that Karyn was now sure was the real Sarah McMillan grabbed her coat immediately after finishing the wish and went out of the room dashed that plan. Having got control of her emotions Karyn knew that she had to go after Sarah and even though the wish was now set in stone to happen she would know who Jon really was and do everything possible to help him including snagging back the stone from Sarah to change him back somehow.

“She’s so heartless, doesn’t she realize how tormented Jon will be in that role, even as his mind changes to fit his new life he will probably fight those thoughts and changes as alien to him leading to more torment and depression, how would she like it if the positions were reversed?” she mused, shaking her head with her eyes closed.

Hearing the front door opening to her side Karyn panicked and quickly hauled herself onto the flat roof and got down as low as she could staining her dress in the process on the wet roof. Spotting Jon exiting the door first she was relieved that he was still around but her relief turned to anger as she saw the mirror image of her original body exit after him as they started to walk down the driveway and into the street talking and laughing Jon calling Sarah “Karyn” the whole time.

“He really doesn’t know does he?” she thought watching them walk away.

Climbing over the roof edge and sliding down the drain pipe Karyn stalked after them hoping she didn’t stick out to people along the way like a sore thumb.

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