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2. A call in the night

1. You Are What You Wish

A call in the night

on 2007-03-29 02:16:31

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Jon woke suddenly to the ringing of his cell phone. He looked over to his clock, which read 2:28 AM. Who'd be calling him at this time? He answered the phone with a tentative "Hello?"

"Jon, we need to talk." It was Karyn.

"Karyn?" Jon said, groggily. "Why are you calling me so early? We have school tomorrow..." He really wanted to get back to sleep, where he was having an excellent time, dreaming of all the things he would do with the stone once he had figured it out.

"I know, Jon, I... I just can't get to sleep. I'm nervous and scared and curious about what the stone can do, and I keep nailing myself on these GODDAMN BOOBS!"

"Ugh..." Jon said to himself. He was very tired. "Fine. You take care of it yourself." He grabbed the rock. "I wish Karyn had the rock." It vanished from his hand. "Figure something out for yourself. Goodnight, Karyn." He hung up the phone. In an instant, he fell back into bed and was asleep.

Meanwhile, at Karyn's house, Karyn was very surprised to see the rock materialize in her hand, but not quite as surprised that Jon would be so rude to her. Anger coursed through her as she thought of him. She wanted to get back at him, make him sorry he was so rude to her. Suddenly, she had gotten a wonderful idea. She grasped the rock tightly and said....

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