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7. Herself (Split personality)

6. Ms. Watson

5. Other people

4. Conjoinment

3. Set Up for Trouble

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

Dom and Sub teacher

on 2022-01-16 21:57:33

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Jon's mind went to his English teacher, Ms. Watson. She was super hot for a teacher since she had only just started as one. She was about 25 years old and blessed with a model's body. She had long black hair, g-cup breasts, a soft looking ass, and legs for days. Every guy in school was always drooling over her when she walked by, and she knew it. Ms. Watson fully embraced the slutty teacher character by wearing short skirts and open shirts. She volunteered for detention once and the school saw a spike in students going. She was never allowed to watch detention again, and it's kind of a miracle she still has a job. By himself, Jon would have had no real chance with her, but now, not only did he have the stone, he could make her something more interesting to him and him alone...

"I wish that my teacher, Ms. Watson, had two heads, just far enough to look one another in the eye, but differing personalities. Who's ever on the side of her natural dominant hand has a much more dominant personality, who's more professional, and is our actual teacher. The other head is very submissive to her and is more domestic than her sister. Despite referring to each other as "sisters", the two of them talk and act more like lovers and love each other deeply. The two of them also love being conjoined to the point where they actually get turned on by it (and aren't ashamed to admit that to each other)." Jon finished. The stone glowed and blasted out a wave of energy throughout the world. Jon put the stone down on his dresser and went to bed, excited for tomorrow.

The next day came and Jon had met up with Karyn again in their Eng./Lit. class. "Hey. You figure out a way to undo yesterday?" She asked.

"Hair, yes. Boobs... No..." He said, regrettably.

"Oh, come on! That's the one that I wanted you fix!" Jon was about to try and calm her down, but the door opened and all the men in the room quieted down.

Into the room came a body that Jon was familiar with, but on top of it were two nearly identical heads. The right head had her hair down around her shoulder, while the left head had hers in a cute bun. They smile with their respective attitudes and say, "Good morning, class!"

"Today, we'll be picking up where we left off with Shakespeare." The right head said.

"So we hope you'll be paying attention~" The left head added. They turned around and the right head started writing something on the board, and the two of them blatantly started sticking their butt out at the class.

"Oh... We're paying attention..." Jon whispered. He then got a good flick from Karyn.

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