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2. An average day at school?

1. You Are What You Wish

An average day at school?

on 2007-03-28 04:58:01

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The next day, Jon was hurrying to meet Karyn before school started. He found her near the wall they met at the previous day, but there was something slightly odd about Karyn today... Jon just couldn't put his finger on it, but something was amiss.

She stood up and ran over to him, her new boobs bouncing slightly. "Jon, why aren't you wearing your uniform? If the principal catches you wearing that, she'll put you in detention for so long, your kids will have to inherit your sentence!"

"But... what?" Jon looked down at himself. He was wearing his striped pajama pants and a t-shirt, but how? He could have sworn he had left the house wearing his school uniform. "Crud, there's no time for me to go back home. I'll have to use the stone." He pulled the wishing stone from his backpack. He grasped it tightly and whispered, "I wish I had my uniform." The stone glowed slightly, but nothing happened. He tried again. "I wish I had my uniform in my hands!" The stone glowed slightly once more, but again, nothing happened. Jon was getting impatient.

"Jon," Karyn whispered, "Maybe the stone isn't working anymore. Try something else. Anything." She took the stone from him and searched around for any wish to make. She spotted a robin sitting on a branch nearby. "I wish that robin was blue." They stared at the bird. Nothing seemed to happen for a moment, but suddenly, the robin became a bright shade of purple. Karyn gasped. "Purple? It was supposed to be blue!"

"Something's wrong with the stone. It's delaying the wishes, and once it does grant them, they come out twisted!" Jon shouted. "All we can hope is that nothing horrible happens because of this..."

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