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2. The Next Day

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon wakes up the next day:

on 2007-03-25 06:42:43

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When Jon woke up the next day, he quickly looked around for the stone. It was exactly where he had left it.

He picked the stone up and examined it. "There must be some way to correct Karyn's wish..." He said to himself.

Jon stood up, thinking that he would meet up with Karyn first, then try messing with the stone. Hell, if he messed up badly enough, they might go through something more entertaining than a quick change like yesterday. He got dressed and, with the stone in his pocket, headed downstairs.

His mother was in the kitchen, peeling an apple, when Jon entered.

"Oh, good morning, Sweetie." she said, cheerily.

"Morning, Mom," he said quickly, "Can't talk now, gotta go meet up with Karyn!" He bolted for the door.

"Hold on, just a second." Jon stopped. "Do you have twenty dollars on you? Kelly wants to go to a movie and I don't have any cash, and can't get down to the bank."

Jon sighed. "Jeez mom," He reached into his pocket. "I wish..." He stopped himself. He remembered the stone was in his pocket, right next to his hand at the moment. He quickly removed his hand and twenty dollars, and rushed out of the house. He closed the front door behind him. "Crap... That was just too close. I've got to control myself."

Jon made it to the school yard just around 10, and looking around, saw no one. The yard was completely empty and silent, as he expected it would be, as it was a Saturday morning. He leaned against a wall, waiting for Karyn to show up.

He had been standing there for fifteen full minutes before he realized, he had forgotten to call Karyn to tell them when they would meet, and he didn't have a cell phone. In a moment of brilliance, Jon dug the stone out of his pocket and said aloud, "I wish I could talk to Karyn." Nothing happened. Tentatively, Jon whispered, "Hello?"

"Wha? Jon?" He heard Karyn's voice say, as if he was talking on a phone.

"Karyn? Is that you?"

"Yes, what's happening? Where are you?" He heard noises of shifting objects and opening doors. Apparently she was looking for him hiding in her room.

"At school, I used the stone to talk to you."

"Oh. That's a little weird. I'll be there in twenty minutes."

"Don't worry, I'll just wish you here!"

"Wait, Jon, n-" Karyn started to say, but he had already started to say, "I wish Karyn was here!"

Karyn materialized next to Jon, wearing only a pink pair of panties and trying to clasp a bra around her new large mounds. "JON!" She screamed.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry!" Jon shouted, closing his eyes and fumbling with the stone. "I- I wish Karyn was dressed!" The wind swirled around them.

When Jon dared to open his eyes again, he saw Karyn was fully dressed, wearing a fancy white dress, but no shoes, and the bra she was trying to fit on was still in her hand. Everything seemed to be alright. Jon sighed in relief. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..." She slapped him.

"Damn it, I said wait! You just have no clue! I wish you knew what it felt like to be out in public in just your panties!" She then noticed something on her foot.

It was the stone.

"Oh shit..." Karyn mumbled before she felt a sudden wind blowing around her. She rushed to keep her dress down.

The wind settled, and Karyn straightened up. She looked at Jon. He was frozen with a look of shock stuck on his face, wearing nothing but a frilly pair of pink and white panties. There was no sign of the clothes Jon was wearing before the accidental wish.

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