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2. This stone is not yours

1. You Are What You Wish

To the owner goes the spoils

on 2007-03-12 04:52:16

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Jon had not been sleeping well, the night outside was dark and stormy and the thunder had several times disturbed his dreams. He sat up suddenly as a crash of thunder shook the house. storms had always frightened Jon and he was fully awake now. He went over to his window to close the blinds. There was a sudden flash of lighting which eluminated the night outside Jon was shocked to see that there was someone outside. Jon was only able to see them for a moment, but it looked like a man in a black suit and fedora. He was staring up at Jon's window

In the next flash of light however, the man was gone. Jon was more than a little freaked out about that one and pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

Still everything was basically normal again, so after a moment jon went back to sleep.

The next day was cloudy and overcast. Jon met Karyn at their normal meeting place outside school.

"Boy, what a storm last night, I didn't sleep very well." Jon said coversationally.

Karyn gave Jon a death glare. She looked terrible her eyes had bags under them and her now blonde hair was pulled into a half assed pony tail. She wearing, what would have been a baggy sweater, but that now hugged her large breasts and concieled nothing.

"At least you got some sleep. I felt like I was being crushed all night. I can't breathe with these friggen things on my chest and besides, now none of my cloths fit, I feel squished." Karen said angstily "Hey, could you please wish for me to have clothes that fit, this was the roomest shirt I had and you can see how well this is working."

Jon got the stone out of his pocket.

"I wish Karyn's clothes fit her new frame." Jon said

The stone glowed and Karyn gave a little shiver as her bra grew and fitted its self to her larger breasts. Jon was just admiring the stones work when he noticed something that made his hair stand on end. Across the street he had just seeing the man in the black suit and black fedora. The man had very pale skin as though he hardly ever got out ito the day light. When Jon had made is wish the mans's head had whipped around, and although Jon had only seen him for a moment, Jon thought his saw the man's eyes flash red.

By the time Karyn had turned to see what Jon was staring at, the man was gone, almost as though he had disappeared.

"What are you staring at Jon?" Karyn asked "you look like you've seen a ghost."

Quickly Jon told Karyn about the man on the street in the night and how he had just seen the man again. Karyn looked worried.

"And you said he looked around when you wished? But how could he have heard you? He was on the other side of a busy street." she asked hesitantly

Jon didn't know.

The day progressed fairly smoothly after that, although Karyn got a lot more attention than usual because of her new assets. Karyn and Jon walked home together, and despite turning around many times to see if they were being followed, it was otherwise normal.

Jon went upstairs and flopped down on his bed, it had been a long day, and it was starting to rain again. It took him whole moments to see the enevolop on his pilliow. He opened it and a single peice of parchment paper fell out.

It read:

"The stone is mine and it calls to me. I will find you, I will have what is mine. The stone is mine. -Neferain"

Jon was absolutly terrified, this man had come into his house and left this note, and what was worse, he knew about the stone.

Jon grabbed the stone in his pocket and looking wildly around the room, almost expectin the man in the black suit and the Fedora to jump out of the closet, said "I wish that the person that left this note would leave me alone."


Nothing happened, the stone didn't glow. And with a sinking feeling Jon knew that this man, Neferain, would not be so easily thrown off.

Mean while, across town Karyn had been reading in her room. She had returned from school uneasy about the stone and the man with the fedora but she didn't let it bother her to much. She stood and sauntered over to the mirror and made a wry face. She cupped her breasts in her hands and sighed rufully, they really were very large and it was kind of a pain in her lower back.

"You still have magical aura on you." a grizzly voice said behind her Karyn whirled around to see The man in the black suit and the fedora standing there. Karyn tried to scream but only a sweek came out, she was paralised with fear. The man's red eyes flickked in the light of her bed side lamp. And as he spoke karyn saw that he had Pointy teeth, not fangs like a vampire, but like he had filed them into points.

"Your litte friend has been trying to wish me away." The man said his eyes narrowing as he advanced on Karyn, "Fortuanatly, I'm immune to magic from the stone. It is mine after all. However, I cannot retrieve it be force from the one that carries it."

The man stretched out a finger and ran it along the side of Karyn's cheak she couldn't scream or move. The touch felt icy cold and Karyn whimpered at the touch.

"However, I can use you to reclaim what is mine. Where the beast fails, one must use... beauty. It is fortunate that you used the stone, or I could not touch you. Now then..."

The man strecthed out his hand toward Karyn and...

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