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14. Karyn gets the deets

13. Oops

12. The next Saturday

11. Since we are here...

10. Trying store bought clothes

9. Lower half

8. Morning

7. mom's request

6. Dinner

5. A Bra

4. swap body parts

3. The Next day

2. Family heritage

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn gets the deets

on 2022-01-12 20:33:06

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Karyn rolled her eyes: “Don’t play dumb, Jon-boy. You can’t expect me to believe this is a coincidence. How exactly does your ability work?”

“I don’t really know. I’ve barely had a day to figure it out.”

Karyn sighed. Jon wasn’t dumb—his ability to maintain an intelligent conversation put him a cut above most guys her age and that’s why they stayed friends—he just lacked foresight. “FAFO” summarized Jon’s idea of the scientific method, and she, confidently forgetting her own poorly worded wish debacle for the moment, was sure he’d wished for something half-cocked. “What. Exactly. Did you. Wish.” Karyn clapped out.

“Just that I would have an inherited power that wouldn’t weird people out too much if I told them about it or used it privately.”

“Oh.” said Karyn, her gears turning. As Jon goes, that minimally thought out wish was not…terrible. Reversible body changes—this had potential, but she needed to know exactly how Jon’s new power worked.

“So you just put on someone’s clothes and swap exactly everything they cover with their owner?” she asked.

“I don’t think it’s quite that simple.” thought Jon. “For example, when Mom gave me her bra so I could hold on to her breasts for her earlier, I just got her breasts—I didn’t have a weird strip of her skin around my sides and back.”

“That’s…actually useful information.” It seemed like intent mattered. Jon’s intent? The swappee’s intent? The clothing designer’s intent? This needed more exploration. “WAIT—YOU HAD YOUR MOM’S BREASTS‽”

Jon blushed. “She said it would help her out and teach me about my power at the same time. It made sense.” Jon argued, but his words didn’t even convince himself. Karyn smirked. The thought of Jon lugging around Mrs. Gibson’s thrice-pregnant, matronly tits on his chest was somewhat…gratifying. Karyn absently-minded rubbed a sore spot where her recently-too-small bra pinched her side. “What else did you do?” she asked.

“Well, my parents used me to swap their, uhh, parts around.”

Suddenly Karyn knew why they had been left uninterrupted by adult supervision for so long, and the thought of her best friend’s parents, gender-bent or otherwise, getting it on a few thin layers of drywall away from them was disturbing. “Eww, Jon! TMI!”

“You asked,” Jon shrugged.

“Ugh” muttered Karyn. She kinda did ask for it. But the thought of using Jon as a conduit to swap parts on other people—again, lots of potential there.

Not willing to risk any more unwanted knowledge of the magical sexcapade habits of middle aged suburbanites, Karyn switched gears, “This isn’t working.” Karyn grabbed the stone from where Jon had carelessly set it and wished, “I wish that, without any harmful, undesired, or unforeseen effects, Jon and I knew the full extent of Jon’s body swapping ability.”

Karyn smiled. This was going to be good.

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