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327. Miss Fine: The source of the v

326. Miss Fine: Athena's Struggle

325. Miss Fine: Magic 101

324. Mind games

323. Miss Fine: it is now or never

322. Miss Fine goes over the fine p

321. Negotiations

320. Athena makes some changes

319. Athena fixes it.

318. Of course it's a cheerleading

317. Karyn Takes Initiative

316. Changing Karyn

315. Athena and Karyn Talk

314. Karyn's back

313. Athena Slaps Her

312. Athena Finally Tracks Down Kar

311. What's for dinner?

310. Jon and Lucy Leave to Go On Th

309. Jon's date

308. Susan McMillan Meets Miss Fine

Miss Fine: The source of the voice

on 2022-01-11 23:52:23

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BioChem was a subject that Zoe dreaded. Not because she was awful at it. Quite the contrary, actually. It was her best subject and she took to it like a fish to water. The young woman had outpaced her peers and was actively showing up her teachers. She didn't really pay heed that in her goth phase, she had gravitated more towards English. It's not like Zoe struggled there either, but it just... it just didn't hold her attention like it used to, okay? BioChem was a bitch of an elective, the hardest class offered. She was good at it, but damn it was so much work.

Zoe hadn't seen Athena all morning, something that troubled the brunette. She had shared the concern with the rest of the squad. She had assured them that all was probably good, but she knew something was up. And then Athena missed their shared class- math. Math... it was there. It was a subject. Both had Cs in. It was an albatross around their pretty necks. But Athena had typically never just skipped class. Or took sick days. Or was human or... So something had to be up. Luckily, they also had shared the next class. Alleged class, it was study hall. Something available to seniors only. Zoe could just spend more of her time studying BioChem and getting a lead on her competition. Zoe had a competitive streak, but lacked the sheer grit Athena did. Grit's a word, bitchiness is another.

The petite brunette bounced along in her spotless white sneakers and sashaying blue and white pleated skirt. She had a perky, yet determined grin on her face. The same grin that let the general population know to just let her do her wild plots and let her temporary insanity burn itself out. She rounded the corner and entered the library, all bright and cheery. The same grin that turned into a slight frown, Athena was nowhere to be found. Sighing and shooting her friend a "where you at biitch" text, Zoe quickly go to work.

Around halfway through the period, no one really filters in. Study Hall is an elective, and not many kids would elect to stay inside. They'd rather elect to you know, go to computer class, PE, whatever. Athena and Zoe were go-getters, ready to just graduatate and hit up college. That little annoying fucking gurgle hits Zoe, and she gets up to go to the bathroom. She finishes her business and heads back, only to see her bestie Athena making out with that one guy from the football team. He wasn't a starter, but he was nice and he had piercing blue eyes and his ass was nice and okay maybe half the squad was crushing on him hard. But you don't waste time in study hall making out with your boyfriend. Like fuck, save some for the rest of us. Whatever, fuck this,

"AHEM!" Zoe yells out, her mouth going into that perky grin.

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