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2. All alone

1. You Are What You Wish

Karen get what she always wanted

on 2007-02-10 17:14:12

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I know Jon has a little brother but I wanted something different!
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------The next morning Jon woke up to see Karen standing over him, staring at him.

"About time you woke up" she said smiling,

Jon looked up at her, "how the hell did you get in here?"

"Your mom let me in as she your sisters left." She said walking over his desk picking up the stone.

Jon sat up "Which Ones," Jon had three sisters, Becky, his seventeen-year-old cheerleading twin sister, Zoe, his twelve-year-old drama sister, and Megan his seven-year-old sister who was the definition of a little girl who loved dolls and dress-up

"All three" Karen said holding up three fingers.

Jon sat up, "You know I love having only sisters"

Karen looked at him, "why?"

"When its 'girls day out' all of them go out leaving me home alone" he said leaning back in bed. "I love it"

"You do, do you? Karen asked

"Yes, I do" Jon said standing up stretching.

"I've always wanted a little sister." Karen said sadly looking at a picture of Jon and his sister he had on his desk.

"Why?" Jon asked

"I've always wanted to play dress up or dolls with a sister."

"I have to do that all the time with Megan." Jon said

"You do!" Karen said smiling

"Yeah Hey Karen." Jon asked

Karen looked up. "What?"

"Could you toss me the stone so I can get dressed" Jon said closing the door to his closet.

"I'll help" Karen smile holding up the stone smiling.
Jon paused "No! Karen don't!"

Karen smiled "I wish Jon was dressed"

In a flash Jon was wearing a pair of jeans and a Shirt "That was close" Jon said smiling.

"Why?" Karen asked handing the stone to Jon.

"I thought you were going to wish I was your little sister or something." Jon said.

"Oh," Karen said "Good Idea!" she said grabbing the stone and holding it out of his reach.

"Karen no dont!" Jon said trying to retrieve the stone

"Don't what" Karen said smile

"Don't wish what I know your thinking"

"You mean don't say I wish Jon would become my little sister?"

"NO!" Jon said as his body began to tingle

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