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2. Jon wakes up in a pissy mood

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon takes his frustrations out on others

on 2007-02-04 20:37:28

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Jon did not have a very good night of sleep the first night after experiencing the work of the rock on Karyn. He was nervous, anxious, curious, and just plain amped to use the rock in action, but he had the issues of his conscience to deal with. Combined with the thoughts of his grandfather's passing, and the hormonal surges of visualizing those enlarged breasts of Karyn's in action, and you can see why Jon did not get much sleep.

Jon makes a couple of decisions upon waking up, first, he decided that it would be a good idea to stay home rest up, and sort his thoughts through. With that in mind, he wished that his family would not come in his room until 5:00 that evening, would not be able to hear anything coming from his room, and would assume that he had showered, dressed, and left for school as usual. He also wished that his school would mark him as present in every class, his teachers would remember him in their classes, all of his assignments for that day and the next were perfectly done, he got perfect scores on his English test that day, and finally that all of the students - except Karyn - did not notice anything unusual about Jon's absence.

Jon was about to check out his daily planner by thumbing to the page to see what work he just got himself out of, when he got a nasty paper-cut directly across his thumb.

Combined with the poor night of sleep, and the stress of thinking about the rock, the cut on Jon's finger could not have come at a worse time. Jon is not a very nice person when he does not get much several people would soon find out.......

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