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2. Karen, Jon and a some sewing

1. You Are What You Wish

Karen, Jon and a some sewing

on 2007-02-03 16:15:58

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It was Saturday morning and Jon wanted nothing more than to lie in bed. However he heard his mother answer a knock at the door and then she shouted up the stairs that Karyn was here and that she was on her way up.
Without knocking Karyn burst into Jon's room carrying a bag and looking angry.
"It's all your fault" she explained.
"What for this time" he was polite enough to ask.
"What you did to me with that rock" she replied. "What's more I had nearly finished making this new top and now it doesn't fit me properly"
Jon looked on in astonishment at this tirade. It certainly wasn't what he was expecting at this time of the morning.
"You and that rock are just going to have to help me out. Now where is it?"
"Over there" he said pointing in the direction that it was hidden.
"Get it for me then" Karen said and so he dutifully did so.
"Right now I need some help with this sewing and you have just volunteered to help out"
Karen grabbed the stone and said "I wish you were......

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