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325. Miss Fine: Magic 101

324. Mind games

323. Miss Fine: it is now or never

322. Miss Fine goes over the fine p

321. Negotiations

320. Athena makes some changes

319. Athena fixes it.

318. Of course it's a cheerleading

317. Karyn Takes Initiative

316. Changing Karyn

315. Athena and Karyn Talk

314. Karyn's back

313. Athena Slaps Her

312. Athena Finally Tracks Down Kar

311. What's for dinner?

310. Jon and Lucy Leave to Go On Th

309. Jon's date

308. Susan McMillan Meets Miss Fine

307. At the McMillan's house

306. Breakfast with Miss Fine

Miss Fine: Magic 101

on 2021-12-29 18:21:40

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"So," Miss Fine said, "that was rather interesting. I loved how you promised to save Goth Athena even though she hated you. You'll need that conscience sooner rather than later. But since that's settled, let's start training."

"Right now? During school hou-" Athena blurted out, suddenly caring about education. That was weird.
Miss Fine raised a perfectly maintained eyebrow, "Hmm, since when did you care about schooling? If you must worry about it, relax. We have excused tardies and absenses. Is this another personality trait you were hiding under that scowling goth look? You used to treat schooling with disdain, didn't you? Now you're little miss perfect all concerned about your grades and getting into college aren't you? You just want to be a cheer captain there too, studying your pert little ass off as a... what is your major anyway?"

Athena pondered to herself. Back in her goth...phase. Ugh. It was a phase wasn't it? Back in those days, she didn't give a shit about college. To her it was just another bullshit step she didn't need. But now that a great deal of negativity vanished, she found that she wasn't exactly the most stellar student. Math wasn't bad, but she didn't want the attention of the STEM nerds and fighting up hill for respect. Maybe computer programming but that took up so much time. Logic was kinda nice though. Hmm... English came easy to her but there was no career there. Psychology was cute, and would be useful with her weaving? So weird to say. Maybe business?

"I don't exactly know right now," Athena admitted, and deflates a bit. She was still young and naïve, despite her talents. Miss Fine's smile falters a bit, having to actually be a guidance councilor. "Well, have you considered kinesiology? You were always naturally athletic, and that might come in handy. Things like physical therapy, rehabilitation, orthopedics, sports doctor. Lots of things. Plus it'll help with your cheer friends in college as well."

It sounded right to Athena. She could tell Miss Fine wasn't using magic or weaving, that little glimmer wasn't there. Kinesiologist, helping out her...cheer friends? Cheer in college? Scholarships... the gears were turning in her head.

"Yeah okay, we got something going here. You like that idea don't you? Well let's go with your plans later on. I have a feeling you've got something set up now. Anyway, training. Your third lesson in magic is to focus on improving the self. You must know that magic is hard, and it's made harder if your brain and body aren't fit and practiced. And with a novice like you, there's little impulsive subconscious usages of it. Let me be an example. I was much like you, a novice with magic. But I couldn't control some urges, and well..." Miss Fine pauses, and shakes her large breasts. "My mental path led me down the road of getting fake titties during college. Big mistake. I didn't have someone behind me giving me the pointers. With weaving, less is more. It always takes the path of least resistance."

Athena nods. "Right, so you want me to like... meditate and stuff?" Athena asks, her voice oddly pitched higher. "Athena, your first round of practice is this. Can the bimbo stuff. Go one day without acting like one of those bimbos you're afraid of becoming. Focus on overcoming the though projections of others. You don't need to be a stereotype. Meditate on this, just because you're basically a wet dream of cheerleader, doesn't mean you're some idiot or some fucktoy for a team. You're you. All athletic, super flexible, smart, talented, driven you. Less is more, and you're you. You're no one else but you."

Athena nods with more confidence, "I think I understand now. God this is a lot to ask for." Miss Fine nods in sympathy as well. "Well, it is high school. No one said it would be easy or a walk in the sunshine. You're excused for now." They exchange numbers, and Athena heads on out to her remaining classes. Miss Fine watches the cheerleader close the door, and sighs. She was lucky that the council did approve of her taking on an apprentice, but the missing catalyst still weighed heavily on her mind.

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