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323. Miss Fine: it is now or never

322. Miss Fine goes over the fine p

321. Negotiations

320. Athena makes some changes

319. Athena fixes it.

318. Of course it's a cheerleading

317. Karyn Takes Initiative

316. Changing Karyn

315. Athena and Karyn Talk

314. Karyn's back

313. Athena Slaps Her

312. Athena Finally Tracks Down Kar

311. What's for dinner?

310. Jon and Lucy Leave to Go On Th

309. Jon's date

308. Susan McMillan Meets Miss Fine

307. At the McMillan's house

306. Breakfast with Miss Fine

305. Stevie's one night stand

304. Saturday morning at the Gibson

Miss Fine: it is now or never

on 2021-12-29 08:50:48

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Miss Fine leaned forward and the room seemed to grow darker.

After that display earlier, Athena couldn't help herself but shift back.


Athena blinked when nothing else was said. "No...?"

"There are no revolving doors. There's power of decisions. Can a hunter shoot at a bird that's already past? No. You take the opportunity when it presents itself, Athena. Let that be your first lesson. Now, you have to choose right now. Will you become my apprentice? Will you help me bring about my vision of possibilities?"

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