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12. Ballerina Prima Divina: a curs

11. Ballerina Prima Divina

10. Wishing for some answers

9. Jon's Mom Leaves

8. Finding the Stone

7. Getting Some Answers

6. Steve Farber

5. Nothing new?

4. Changing Sarah

3. Dancing Queen

2. Big Red Button

1. You Are What You Wish

Ballerina Prima Divina: a curse

on 2021-12-29 08:25:58

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But something like that would not remain interesting long, would it?

And that's where the curse starts.

Karyn managed to steady her breathing. The pounding in her head was dissipating, manageable, but still present. She opened her eyes, her vision blurry. Rather than standing up, she decided to lie back on the bed, pondering what she now knew.

Ballet is an art for everyone. So, why had Jon turned into such a femmy ballerina? And why did all of them have the same outfit? The answer was that the transformation didn't end with the Remote. It continued affecting the person who had become a Ballerina, turning them more and more into a perfect embodiment of ballet. Not ballet the sport or the art, but ballet the cliché. Ballet as seen through the lense of high school cliques. Ballet as an exclusive club that you either belonged to or you could get bent. And why wouldn't you want to be a Ballerina Prima Divina? It was so much nicer to be, think, behave, and look like one of them.

"Eugh, like the popular crowd but with zombies," Karyn said, groaning. "Now, how do I solve this mess without making it worse like Jon tends to do."

At that moment, however, she heard a loud bang coming from downstairs, a door slamming shut, and then stomping up the stairs.

"Don't you ignore me young lady! You're in big trouble!" Jon's mom shouted.

"I should get out of here first, though," Karyn mumbled. She put a hand in her pocket and found nothing. Eyes going wide, she bolted upright on the bed. She looked around herself, nothing. She stood up, all but jumping and landing loudly by the foot of the bed. She turned the covers off the bed, hoping to hear the Stone clatter on the wooden floor, instead she heard the heavy plastic thud of the Remote. Before the blanket landed back on the bed, she was on her knees, looking around the floor for the Stone.

"Where is it? Where is it?" She cursed under her breath. She must've dropped it when the headache smacked her right between the eyes. So the Stone shouldn't have fallen far.

In her fumbling, Karyn failed to hear heavy boots moving towards the door.

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