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16. Linda Figures Out Who Her New

15. Jon Becomes Jonna

14. Linda Wants a Daughter

13. Linda Realizes She Has a Wishi

12. Jon Becomes a 12-Year Old Goth

11. Jon's Mom Makes a Wish

10. Meanwhile, Jon's Mom Finds the

9. All Little Kids Are Goths Now

8. Jon Goes Outside

7. Goth Mikey

6. Santa's an Asshole and Mikey L

5. Bad Santa

4. Gothic Santa

3. The Next Person Jon Meets Beco

2. Meeting Santa Claus

1. You Are What You Wish

Gothic Santa: Linda Figures Out Who Her New Daughter Is

on 2021-12-25 01:58:43

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Linda expected to hear someone else in the house, but it was quiet. Maybe her new daughter was out somewhere? She went upstairs and checked the guest room, thinking it would be the new bedroom for her new daughter, but it was still a guest room. She then looked in on Mikey's room, seeing that it was still his room, and then Jon's ... but that was when she realized what had happened. Jon's room didn't look like it belonged to a boy. It looked like it belonged to a girl.

"Oh my god. This stone turned Jon into a girl," she said aloud, realizing in shock.

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