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11. Since we are here...

10. Trying store bought clothes

9. Lower half

8. Morning

7. mom's request

6. Dinner

5. A Bra

4. swap body parts

3. The Next day

2. Family heritage

1. You Are What You Wish

...might as well

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-Alright, anything else you want to try bro?
-Now that you mention it, could you bring me a pair of yoga pants?
-Sure thing! How do you want them?
-Aim for something you could wear.
-Ya got it!

Zoe left Jon alone in the changing room. He had a hard time looking away from his reflection. The sight of his body with the chest of his sister was very weird, but it was so fun and exciting! While he fondled his temporary boobs, he couldn't stop thinking how he was going to look with a nice, round butt.

"This new power is incredible!" he thought. "I can't wait to see what Zoe will bring!"

Meanwhile, Zoe was taking her time finding the yoga pants. After all, she just had to flaunt her newer, bigger self. As she walked the store's aisles, she kept her chin up and her chest puffed out while adding a slight bop to her step, making her breasts happily bounce. The way her new twins sat on her body and forced her shirt to show her midrif was imposible not to notice. With every move, heads filled with lust, desire and envy turned to look at her. As she got to the sports section, she started to look through the smallest sizes first, and made an act of checking everywhere for the ideal fit. She would bend at the waist and search in the low shelves as far as her arms could reach; always keeping some distance in order to give anyone who watched a taste of her new cleavage. Next, se would search everywhere at her eye level, hands on her lower back and chest out. Finally, she would give little jumps "trying" to see if there was something worth checking out on the top shelves. She would walk a couple of steps forward and do it again. It was so intoxicating feeling her new weight and catching people staring. Watching them turn around quickly with a strong blush on their faces.

After a while, she found a gray pair that seemed good enough. Slightly smaller than her size, certainly tight, but they looked like they were stretchy enough. As she started walking back to the changing rooms, she suddenly decided to pass by the men's section rather than going back the way she came. Faking ignoracne as to where she was going, she just walked slowly while looking up for any sign that could guide her, making sure to show everyone her chest. The guys loved her.
When she arrived, she went to where she left Jon and knocked on the door.

-Psst! Jon. You there?
-Y- Yeah. Come in.

He quickly stopped the self exploration he had been doing and let Zoe in. As she held the pants for him to see, a smile grew on his face.
Zoe stood there holding her brother's trousers. Unlike the skirt they used at home, Jon had a hard time getting the yoga pants on. Once he got them to about his knees, the tingling of the swap started to flow. His legs slimmed down and he raised the waistband slow and steady until his body became the ideal shape. While he was taking a moment to regain his breath, Zoe took off her black jeans and passed the to him. When Jon zipped her jeans his power activated again; his crotch lighlty tingled and his ass deflated a bit. As they were watching their mismatched bodies in the mirror their heads started to come up with endless ways to have fun with Jon's new power.

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