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32. Karyn’s Long Hard Walk Home

31. The cold walk home

30. Distracted. And rescued?

29. Got the stone back, but too la

28. kept wishing...

27. Lorraine is Gary's *Ex*-Wife

26. Gary and Jenny Get Married ...

25. Jenny gets the stone

24. This one's easy to fix

23. Gary and Karyn Become Partners

22. Gary Finds The Stone, But Can'

21. Karyn waits

20. Karyn tries to figure out what

19. Going to School

18. More troubles for Gary

17. What goes around, comes around

16. Gary Wants Revenge

15. Gary Gets Some Answers

14. Gary Looks For Jon Smith

13. Gary Meets His Daughter

Karyn’s _Long, Hard_ Walk Home

on 2021-12-23 13:18:54
Episode last modified by YoMama69 on 2021-12-24 05:59:22

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It had been a weird night and things with the stone had really gotten out of hand. Karyn knew better than to think their problems were actually over, but at least they had a reprieve for now. She walked behind Jon as they headed to his home and let her mind wander, enjoying the silence even if she wasn’t enjoying the walk—her jeans felt strangely tight.

How had things gotten to this point? Her best friend Jon had started with supreme power in the palm of his hand, but had ended up getting stuck in the body of a hot cheerleader. Uhh, objectively…hot, that is, Karyn added in her head. If you’re into that sort of thing, I guess. Karyn absentmindedly adjusted her crotch.

John broke the silence, “You never answered me Karyn.”

“But how?”

I mean his boobs are huge. I’m walking behind him but I can see them sticking out past his arms. I’d love to get my hands on those puppies…uh, to see how heavy they are compared to mine. I can’t believe Jon ended up with bigger, sexier breasts than mine…uhh, objectively…sexy…breasts.

Karyn’s crotch adjustments were becoming more frequent and she had started to feel a draft around her calves—she was pretty sure her pants were shorter too? Even her top was feeling tight around her shoulders and sleeves. She had never heard of clothes shrinking while you wore them, but that was the only possible explanation and would hardly be the weirdest thing that happened today.

“We have to find out exactly what Gary said. What I said.”

“How did you word your wish for that matter?”

Those tits weren’t the only place Jon got blessed. Does he even realize he’s walking like that? That ass is begging for it. He’s my friend but he can be dense; I bet he thinks this body is a curse. He could get anything he wants with a body so…fuckable…uh…objectively.

As his unfamiliar hips swung him up the steps to his front door, his thought escalating process and that growing warmth crashed toward their intersecting conclusion. “I don’t think you were specific enough either,” Jon whirled around to face Karyn. And then everything stopped.

Karyn had been mesmerized by the view of Jon sashaying up the steps, and her new attraction to the female body was on full display as an unmistakable, enormous bulge threatened to rip apart her zipper.

Jon was struggling to understand why seeing that bulge felt so good, knowing that it was because of him. Gary may have been able to restore him in mind, but in body he was still a “hot, sexy, bimbo cheerleader” with everything cranked up to eleven, and that body needed what Karyn was now packing. But Jon’s male brain was still engaged enough for him to notice that Karyn had changed in other was too: she was buff—with newly broadened shoulders and bulging arms that looked…yummy (objectively, of course). And she was tall, standing on powerful legs—if her dick didn’t rupture her jeans, her quads were ready to explode them. Jon realized Karyn could look him straight in the eyes even though he was three steps up—or at least she could if she could tear her eyes away from undressing his boobs. She looked like a pro rugby player—a rugby player enjoying the sights in a strip club.

Jon was soaking through his new panties right there on the porch, but his man-brain would still need some help to take things where they needed to go.

Thankfully, Karyn had everything she needed to help him.

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