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8. Karyn was to become Jon’s fore

7. Karyn wants the truth from Jon

6. Karyn Sprays Jon

5. Karyn Tries It First

4. Slave Spray

3. A vile vial

2. Jon's cool new object.

1. You Are What You Wish

Tough Kink Truth

on 2021-12-20 12:39:51

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“I was going to spray you Karyn and train you into my sexy slave girl and lover and make changes to your mind to a such a degree that when the effects of the spray wore off you would have wanted to stay that way and continue to serve me forever.”

Karyn was stunned at this admission as her eyes nearly bugged out and her mouth dropped open, if she had been drinking something she would have choked. Sure Karyn knew that Jon probably had some kinky things in store for her but she had thought he would have had the decency to keep the changes temporary and not ruin her life.

“Please Karyn I’m sorry I would never have allowed you to stay that way. I would have make your mind whole again, I just would have wanted to see you beg to remain my lover that’s it”

Jon was satisfied with that response in the fact that Karyn hadn’t asked him a question and he was able to lie to her in order to try and effect some damage control of the situation. Still he felt terrible seeing Karyn who had begun to cry as racking sobs overwhelmed her and she covered her face with her hands at the thought of such a betrayal by her lifelong best friend. Looking up a short time later Karyn still heaving and her tears running down her cheeks asked:

“What you just said Jon is it the truth?”

“Oh crap” Jon thought but there was nothing he could do as he began speaking the truth.

“Unfortunately Karyn no it isn’t. I would have left your mind in that state and enjoyed what you could for me within my close company for the rest of our lives.”

Karyn was done crying at that point she quickly got a hold of herself wiped away her tears and with stone cold anger etched into her face looked at Jon with revenge on her mind. Jon took one look at Karyn and knew that he was in for a world of hurt. The only question was in what form would that hurt take?

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