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2. Oblivious Wishing

1. You Are What You Wish

Oblivious Wishing

on 2021-11-18 05:21:25
Episode last modified by WF on 2021-11-18 05:22:21

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Jon sat on his bed, holding the stone up before him and examining it. He couldn't believe he held so much power in just his hands. With just a casual sentence, Karyn had completely changed her history.

Looking back through the photos on his phone, he could see that she had now always had long blonde hair and big boobs, at least since he had known her. And it certainly seemed that she had got a bit of the male attention that she'd mentioned in the wish. Although she appeared to be single at the moment, from what he could tell she'd had a couple of boyfriends previously that she hadn't dated in the old reality. In fact in the old reality she'd never had a boyfriend.

The fact that such a major change could have happened so easily, and affected so many different lives, worried Jon. He read back over the note that had come with the stone.

Changes made will be as if it has always been so, apart from for those within earshot of the wish

What if someone overheard him making a wish and noticed a massive change in reality? What if he misworded a wish and everyone noticed? He'd be lynched for sure. He needed to protect himself and quickly.

Without thinking too had about it he burst out with "I wish that when reality is changed by a wish made on this stone, no-one will realise that anything has changed or even realise that a wish has been made."

There was a flash and Jon blinked. He had been dizzy for a second but he shook it off. He was sitting on his bed examining the stone that had been left for him by his grandfather. According to the note that had come with it, it granted wishes but he hadn't yet got up the courage to try it out.

At Karyn's house she was getting changed for bed and as she took off her bra she looked down at the silky smooth yellow hair sitting on her large breasts. While she enjoyed the effect that the combination had on boys she liked and had dated, they had also came with plenty of unwanted male attention and stereotyping since they had grown, and they were a bit of a nightmare to deal with.

The hair took ages to brush out each morning so she didn't look like she'd been pulled through a hedge backwards and she needed to wear uncomfortable bras with substantial support almost all the time or she got awful back pain. She thought back to that day at school when Jon had showed her the rock that he got from his Grandfather. Supposedly it granted wishes. They hadn't yet decided the best way to use it, but maybe there was something she could do with it to improve her comfort.

Meanwhile back at Jon's house he'd finally decided what he wanted to wish for, for what he believed was his first wish...

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