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6. Not a bad body, in fact

5. Hiding

4. The changes continue

3. ... and frowned

2. Scott

1. Altered Fates

The Mask

on 2021-11-14 19:17:55

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The mask that the robbers had dropped was the one that the lady had on and Scott suggested that he waits until that evening so he can not have to let anyone else see him as the robber. Scott then says he wants to remain in the body until about 7 p.m. and then change into the robber.

Scott and his mom goes to the park while they wait to let him transform.

Scott had put the medallion in his mothers purse and while there out the same ones that broke in had broke in again but when they come home at 7 p.m. they see that the door is open and that when they get in and look around they see that the television and some other things are missing.

But they also found that there is also some gloves on the ground. Scott had recognized the gloves were the same as plumbers that had been working at there neighbors. Scott then suggest that they wait in the morning to send the photo. His mother agrees. So Scott put on the Medallion and the touch the mask and when Scott starts to transform she tells Scott that it looks like the mask was the lady's because you are starting to take on a feminine shape.

When it's over Scott looks like a woman in her late 30's, measurements 38 -24-36 and she looks like she is of Irish decent. Scott mom gets him some of her clothing and she brings out a new bra and panties. Just as Scott had finished getting dressed his father walks in and ask why Sheila O' Riley is her. Scott asked his dad who he thinks I am.

His father then explains that she had came into where he works and he says that she applied to be a secretary at the company and that she has been working there for the last 2 weeks.

Scott then suggests that what they do is in the morning I will become myself again and dad what I suggest is that you tell Sheila that you know she needs money and that with today being your anniversary that you need someone to watch your niece and that she will earn $50.00, but what I will do is set up the trap. He then suggest that his mother goes and get from the clothing store a set of clothing designed for a 3 yr old boy. But also get clothing for a 5 yr old girl which I will become.

Does Sheila agree to babysit?

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